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Letter: Mixing cars, bikes, walkers is a disastrous undertaking

Mixing cars, bikes, walkers is a disastrous undertaking

Justin Booth, executive director of GoBike Buffalo, wants “to make sure a pedestrian isn’t hit at these new crossings” on the Scajaquada. That’s great news since he is a proponent of mixing pedestrians, bicyclists, automobiles and commercial vehicles together on said roadway.

Buffalo Police Officer Obed Casillas says drivers he issues $600 speeding tickets shed “crocodile tears.” I suspect those are real tears being shed when assessed that kind of penalty. The only crocodile tears shed over this whole farce were those belonging to Assemblyman Sean Ryan and the special interest groups behind this disastrous undertaking: the Olmsted Committee, the Parkside Committee and GoBike Buffalo. All have been pushing their agenda to shut down the only east-west corridor in the city for years. All used the death of a child to forward their agenda. Why hasn’t Ryan introduced legislation to ban diagnosed narcoleptics from operating motor vehicles, since this was the cause of the accident, not the speed on Route 198, as he has stated?

I never see bicyclists being issued traffic citations, yet they operate under the same traffic laws as motor vehicles. When was the last time anyone saw a bicyclist stop at a stop sign or signal before turning? What do bicyclists contribute in upkeep for the roads they use and the demands they make? Motorists pay DMV fees, gas taxes, fines, etc., all of which supposedly go toward road maintenance.

David Kennedy