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Letter: Voters ought to give new blood a chance

Voters ought to give new blood a chance

The nepotism in Western New York politics is a disgrace. A drive around town this time of year should infuriate every hardworking person who ever had to achieve something the hard way; the right way. Lawn after lawn, the same old family names resurface as sonny-boy and daughter-in-law try to “claim inheritance” on something that rightfully belongs elsewhere and should never be inherited. And as a result, the status quo rages on, favors and accommodations are granted to “the chosen” and the rest of us toil on.

The majority of the citizens of Western New York know what it’s like to do a real day’s work. And many often cover two and sometimes three days’ work in one. So why do we keep electing these people? How could these candidates of political privilege possibly relate to the people they are supposed to be representing? How hard could it be to inherit an office that daddy left behind with a bow wrapped around it?

It’s time we start batting the long arm of politics out of the way. It’s time we start giving real candidates – with real qualifications instead of a familiar last name – the chance that they deserve.

Lawrence Jezewski