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Letter: Safety should be a priority for all on Halloween night

Safety should be a priority for all on Halloween night

With Halloween approaching next week, most children are jittery and filled with excitement about the costumes they’ll show off to their friends and the candy collecting. But unfortunately, trick-or-treating has become quite unsafe for even teenagers to go out without adult supervision.

Recklessness awaits on Halloween night, this year more than ever, because it falls on a Saturday. Underage drinkers, careless adults, hyped-up children and the oldest trick of them all: poisoned, unwrapped or unsanitary candy being given out to children. This fall fun night has become a feared and stressful event for some. Parents of children of all ages hope they do not have to experience a cringe-worthy phone call from police or friends.

Families, kids and adults should be focusing on what’s right and wrong. Safety is always the most important tip to keep in mind, and I believe there should be as many reminders as possible.

Morgan Fitzsimmons

East Amherst