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What They Said: Transcript of coach Rex Ryan's comments after Thursday's Buffalo Bills practice in England

Head Coach Rex Ryan

Opening statement:

I think the big thing out of today is the face it just dawned on me that the fans here in London they definitely should be cheering for the Bills. Got the same colors, the union jack, all that kind of stuff. When in doubt what do you want teal, what is Jacksonville, come on please stop. Either way I think that is big for the fans here in London, England, we got to be in great shape. So with that I guess we are done. No. Alright as far as guys that did not practice today… Karlos Williams concussion, Kyle Williams with a knee, Seantrel Henderson concussion, Sammy Watkins ankle, Tyrod Taylor knee did not practice today and then Percy Harvin and Corey Graham not injury related. Then these two were limited today [Marcus] Easley with a shoulder, and [Leodis] McKelvin with an ankle. It is clear, we are not going to have Kyle Williams, Karlos Williams, Seantrel Henderson, Sammy Watkins, and Tyrod Taylor they are not going to play Percy Harvin. Those guys will not play in this game. I know we don’t have to announce that till tomorrow. I mean you guys figured it out anyway. Tyrod, he did a nice job yesterday we got him to spilt the reps but as he came back in the evening our medical people, our doctors looked at him still has some soreness in that knee and that means basically when you touch it and it is still sore that it has not healed all the way. So we are not going to force this young man out there, put him out there when he is really not a hundred percent. So he will not play in the game. With that I will open it up for questions.

Q: It seems logical with the bye week next to give Tyrod the full three weeks, was that part of the decision?

A: Well I mean it ends up looking that way. When you look at it you probably, lets face it, it will be a full month before he plays the next game off the injury which makes sense. But really it is based on that he is…it is just not healed yet. The fact that he will get that extra week and all that it makes sense. We would have played him this week had he, had it been healed. But it hasn’t healed.

Q: Did you notice that he was laboring a little bit during practice?

A: Well I noticed that he was more arm, he wasn’t stepping into his throws. Especially early in the practice, but I thought as the practice went on that he started, he looked better to me. Clearly he wasn’t at 100% like when we run him and things he clearly wasn’t at a hundred percent.

Q: There are a number of British fans that followed your fathers team, what did you learn from him was it more the X’s and O’s or the attitude of a head coach?

A: Well I’ll tell you what. First off, I am surprised you mentioned some of those games and all that stuff but I am surprised you never mentioned the American bowl that he was in, that was I think a preseason game he came over with Philadelphia, I think against Cleveland I think they did that. But really I learned so much from my Dad there is no doubt about it. The X’s and O’s certainly was that was where I learned all that stuff from him. And then really just the main thing is just be yourself. I can’t be my father. I am not near as tough as my dad. My dad was a master sergeant in the Korean War when he was 18 years old. So I think our backgrounds are a lot different. I did learn that, be yourself, be true to yourself, be who you are, and you know for some reason I inherited a lot of things like I don’t know what it is you know just dealing with people and having a vision for your team and actually where your players for some reason a lot of times they will see the same vision.

Q: What is the feeling this week among the players having to play Doug Marrone after last year?

A: I don’t know. I guess you will have to ask the guys, because I haven’t talked about it. And we really haven’t had any conversations about it.

Q: How is it for you?

A: For me? It is no big deal. It is just another opponent.

Q: What can EJ do better to give you a better on the field performance than last game?

A: I think part of him he just missed a couple of throws, missed a couple reads. But just keep working and then try our best just to be accurate and all that, stay with the fundamentals and things. I think we threw the ball so much last week some of that reverted back a little bit. Turning the ball over instead of staying with his fundamentals. He has been doing a great job of doing that, so really hone in on that and go out and play. I think he will do well.

Q: Is the ball placement the issue with him?

A: Well I think first off there is a lot of things. Your balance, your foot work, and with him like I said when he turns the ball out when he is dropping you turn the ball out or wing the ball out a little bit you are not as accurate as he is here. But I think his accuracy has really improved. He had a great day today throwing the football. So we will just see it carry into the game hopefully. I believe it will.

Q: You said Corey Graham did not practice today is there any chance he doesn’t play Sunday?

A: No, he is playing.

Q: Can you talk about Blake Bortles and the challenges of trying to cover a quarterback like him?

A: Well he is a very, he is a big, athletic guy. Not a whole lot different than Ryan Tannehill of Miami. Probably not as fast as Tannehill is, but he is a big athletic guy who will run with it. You know so that is something we talked to our team about. He might be one of the leading rushers at the quarterback position in the league. So that is something, obviously he has got a big arm and he makes all the throws. He trusts in his arm, like he will thread it. If he sees it he’s going to let it rip. So he will take some chances that way. But he is obviously a very talented guy.

Q: Analytics has grown a lot in sports how important do you think data is to coaches in the NFL?

A: Yeah. You are right I think throughout sports, you are looking at baseball of course in particular and things like that. Match ups and things we look at it all the time. We will have tendencies and all those types of things. People are really doing a lot of things even with sleep and all this other stuff. But we certainly look at that. We are big in to tendencies and you will, especially on defense you will scheme up plays you believe will are going to happen and things like that based on that. That is certainly a part of it and it seems to be growing and growing.

Q: How do you see data use for injury protection?

A: We have those little things on are we put them on our shoulder pads. You try to predict hey look we need to back off on this player, this guy is running at this, speed you do all that stuff now you know with guys. We are really looking into it. Now it hasn’t helped us this year. Last year they were like least penalized, probably that too, but we were the least injured, we had the least amount of injuries in the league. And then this year we are over the top, maybe we need to listen to those things more. But really our guys do a great job. Our strength coaches do a fantastic job of that. And if you ever see those sheets of ours it is really detailed, to the point where I am like alright explain it to me. This okay cool, who do I got to back down, alright let’s back him down.  So that literally is it. It is color coded, it is everything. Our strength coach if you really want to get into it talk to Eric [Ciano] and I am sure you will be interested.

Q: Percy is still over back home he is not going to be here?

A: I am not going to say anything more than we said yesterday about it, because I don’t know where he is right now.

Q: With some of the defense issues do you ever think of not trading away Kiko (Alonso) for LeSean (McCoy)?

A: Not for two seconds. No. If they offered that trade again I would do it.

Q: How important is the passion on the sidelines that you and Gus Bradley both have?

A: Yeah he is a passionate guy, a great guy. I am just going to be me. I hope I don’t have to be that way I hope I can just sit back there like this alright with a smile on my face, yeah that is good nice job, that would be better for me.

Q: How does it feel to play the first game streamed live on the internet?

A: I can make it sound good and say it means a lot. It is just a game for us, we don’t know who is shooting it, seeing it, whatever you say. That is cool we are the first one.

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