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Letter: Theater should inspect all or none for weapons

Theater should inspect all or none for weapons

Recently I went to a 7:15 p.m. movie and was asked to open my purse for inspection. I did, and when I asked why, I was told it was a weapons check.

As we proceeded, I noticed that my teenage niece wasn’t asked to open her shopping bag, which could have easily contained an array of weapons.

After the movie, I watched dozens of patrons, mostly under 21, enter without being asked to open purses or shopping bags. All males entered free of any weapons check.

I’m a 50-something female, with no criminal record, nor under suspicion of any illegality, and do not fit a theater-shooter profile. I would venture to say that the probability of weapons among the crowd entering as I left was pretty high, yet I did not see one person checked.

This smokescreen intent to create a gun-free zone is a big fail. Either check all or none for weapons. While at it, management can ditch the illusion of safety by dumping the “gun-free zone” signs.

Janice Kelly