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Good morning and good-bye to the warm air; temps to drop into low 40s by tonight

Buffalo's temperature at midnight was a sultry 66 degrees and the mercury remained in the mid 60s at dawn.

An approaching cold front, however, will cross through the area later this morning bringing some brief showers with it.

Southwest winds ahead of the front could gust up to 30 mph, according to National Weather Service forecasts.

By late morning, winds will start to shift and will then come out of the northwest behind the cold front.

Temperatures will drop into the 50s this afternoon before plummeting after sunset, the forecast shows.

By early Friday morning, northerly winds will drop the thermometer even further -- into the upper 30s, according to the forecast.

Here's a look at how the day will shape up:

Temp. Wind
Thursday 8 a.m. 60° SW17
9 a.m. 60° SW17
10 a.m. 60° W16
11 a.m. 59° W15
Noon 60° W15
1 p.m. 60° W15
2 p.m. 59° W15
3 p.m. 58° W14
4 p.m. 58° W14
5 p.m. 56° W13
6 p.m. 57° NW11
7 p.m. 53° NW10
8 p.m. 50° NW9
9 p.m. 47° NW8
10 p.m. 45° NW7
11 p.m. 44° NW7
Friday Midnight 43° NW7
1 a.m. 42° NW7
2 a.m. 41° N8
3 a.m. 40° N8
4 a.m. 39° N8
5 a.m. 39° N8
6 a.m. 38° N8
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