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City Hallways (Oct. 22) Green Day

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Housing Authority meets this afternoon

A request from Newstead
It was just a few days after the Columbus Day parade came down Hertel Avenue that Newstead Councilman Justin Rooney wrote a letter to the Buffalo mayor and council that arrived in Buffalo City Hall just a few days ago.  Rooney's the councilman who suggested his Newstead town celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day on the second Monday in October - the day the calendar tells us is  Columbus Day.  Newstead celebrated IP Day this year,   and now Rooney is suggesting Buffalo consider doing the same.  "I am writing to ask you to consider officially recognizing Indigenous Peoples' Day in the City of Buffalo," Rooney wrote. "Speaking from our experience in Newstead, working with members of the native community opened up channels of communication on a host of issues. The ties we established will have an impact beyond one day of  the year."  Buffalo city officials will likely be taking the issues up in coming weeks. We'll see what they have to say.

Campaign tactics  - Delaware
The phone rang shortly after I got home at about 7:30 the other  night. Do you oppose back door politics, or something like that, the caller asked, then went on to tell me that Delaware District Councilman Joel Feroleto was appointed by party bosses to replace his cousin after Feroleto's family made some $200,000 in campaign contributions.  Or something like that.  (because my memory isn't exact.) Then, the caller asked if he could count on my support to oppose such back room deals.  Or something like that. "Thanks for the information," I responded, before hanging up the phone.  That was the first push poll type of call  I recall getting in awhile. Push polling, of course, is when a  campaign attempts to influence a voter's attitude in the guise of  what appears to be, but isn't really, a poll. The tactic is viewed as unethical in some political circles; fair game in others.
I emailed  Peter Rouff yesterday, the Republican challenging Democrat Feroleto for the Delaware District seat, asking if he knew anything about the push poll. "Sometimes the truth hurts," Rouff responded. "Since the voters didn't have a choice and were kept in the dark, my campaign will make sure they know the fact and finally have a choice on election day."
Then I asked Feroleto if he wanted to respond."The City Charter has procedures in place for when a vacancy occurs on the Common Council," he said. "I followed those procedures and was appointed as those procedures outline based on my education, public sector experience and being a private attorney."

Green Day
Not since redistricting  has any city document in recent memory been so anticipated. But alas, after several years and many months, the city's proposed  Green Code leaves the Strategic Planning office and today heads to the Common Council, which will be holding hearings on the new land-use regulations before the new code gets adopted.   It won't happen right away. Expect plenty of grousing about everything from  parking rules and fence height, to lot size and building height. It may be mundane stuff, but it's what can make a city great and cutting edge or mediocre and behind the curve. Buffalo,  in fact, views it as so important that it has its own web site. By the way, this Green Day has nothing to do with that other Green Day.

Countdown:  12 days until the Nov. 3 election.

In today's Buffalo News and, I have short piece on yesterday's zoning board decisions. My colleague Mark Sommer has piece on the Green Code.

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