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Sleep specialist to Yahoo: 'Bet the farm on Buffalo'

"Jacksonville is going to lose this game. My guess is: pretty badly."

"Bet the farm on Buffalo."

Are these the words of a NFL expert? A Las Vegas insider? A very confident Bills fan?

No, they come from the mouth of a scientist.

W. Christopher Winter is a sleep specialist who has worked with professional sports teams for several years and  just completed his seventh training camp working with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

And in this Yahoo! story written by Eric Adelson, he really, really, really likes the Bills over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

That's because the game is being held in London (at 9:30 a.m. Buffalo time -- and Jacksonville time), and the Bills chose to arrive in England on Monday, while the Jaguars are arriving Thursday morning.

It's an interesting story in which Winter explains the science behind his emphatic pick of the Bills.

Check out the entire story here.

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