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Why don't you make like a tree and see 'Back to the Future' again?

On Wednesday, movie-goers will have a rare opportunity to travel back in time and into the future - at the same time.

In honor of "Back to the Future Day," theaters across the country will be reserving screens to show the three blockbuster films that introduced Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Biff, the flux capacitor and the expression "Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here" to popular culture.

The five local Regal locations - Elmwood, Transit, Walden Galleria, Niagara Falls and Quaker Crossing - will show the trilogy starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday. The AMC Maple Ridge is starting its showings at 4:29 p.m., which anyone who has seen "Back to the Future 2" a dozen or so times knows is the time Doc Brown enters as he and Marty careen toward Oct. 21, 2015.

The original film, released in 1985, told the story of McFly inadvertently traveling back to 1955 where his interactions with the people who would become his parents nearly wrecked his future. The sequels, released in 1989, had him criss-crossing the centuries and trying to fix the problems his time travel created.

In the first sequel, Marty and the Doc leap forward to Oct. 21, 2015 and find a world that includes the film "Jaws 19" and the crazy idea that the Chicago Cubs had won the World Series. Amazingly, the Cubs are making a rare post-season appearance this year, but if they were to win the Series for the first time since 1908, it will not happen until early November.

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