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Rex Ryan: 'We are who we are and we don't need to apologize for it'

Running highlights of Rex Ryan's news conference...

On the Giants... I know what their records says but they've had double-digit leads in the fourth quarter of all their games. They could be 3-0. They're a very talented team. Their defense is big and physical --- they have the biggest safety I've ever seen. The kid out of Alabama. Offensively, it's Eli. They get Cruz back. We'll see how that dynamic is. We'll need to play a great game, better than any game we've played to this point, to beat them. A lot of guys out. It's never a good thing to miss practice even if a guy plays. Will Sammy play? I'm not sure. Shady doesn't look good. The next guy has to step up. ... We're going to have to rely on our depth.

On McCoy... I think he has a little bit of a hamstring issue. He's certainly not 100 percent. But will it hold him out? We're holding him out for practice. There's a real possibility he won't play in this game. ... A guy like that who's less than 100 percent is still really good, but is it worth the time to wait and get him to 100 percent? That's what we're working through right now. Is there a real possibility he won't play? Absolutely.

On Watkins... Sammy's a great player. There's a reason he was drafted where he was drafted. Unfortunately, he hasn't been healthy. He was and we saw glimpses of it. ... I know he's a super talent. It's just a matter of getting him healthy and getting him out there. That surgery takes you away from your conditioning, had the pull in camp and now it's something else. I know when this guy's healthy he's a bonafide No. 1 in this league.

On Tyrod Taylor's growth... He's smart so he can manage the game, but he's way more than that. He has a feel for when to run. He hurt his ankle a little bit; he's aware he has to slide and get out of bounds. .... Has a talented core of receivers around him. Did we know he'd be our quarterback? No. It was a true competition and he won the job.

On moving the pocket... It makes it easier to see and you also have to be very aware because he can also tuck it run. But I was more impressed with how he managed the pocket.

On the ankle... His foot just kind of got caught. We do have to be aware of that but, no, he's fine.

On 5 TD in the red zone... Greg does a tremendous job of that in all facets of the game. We spend more time in the red zone preparing for it, including on defense, than most teams.

On receivers... There's a lot of teams in the league without a true No. 1. You could make the argument we have three with Sammy, Percy and Robert. You saw what Chris Hogan did last week. We get Marquise back. Talk about speed, he can blow the top right off of it.

On Karlos Williams... We were getting one of the best special teams players in the country but then you combine the raw skills that he has with Anthony Lynn, being around LeSean McCoy. This guy's a man. I bet a lot of people are wishing the draft was right now and he'd go a little higher. When his number's been called, he pounds it in there. He's just a football player. When you saw him play special teams, that's what stood out. He'd run, he'd hit.

On facing Eli Manning... I like the fact that he beat Brady twice. I like that. I'm not all the way over the Brady butt-kicking he did against us.

On staying focused after the loss to New England... We are who we are and we don't need to apologize for it. Our emotions got the better of us but I loved how we battled back when a team was clearly trying to embarrass us.  We scored three TD to their three points. We'll see. We'll play that one down the road.

On suspended IK Enemkpali... Could he fit into that mix when he comes back? That's a possibility?

On the injuries... Are we better off with Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy, 100 percent yes. But we have good players behind them. Every team in the league will go through similar things; it's how you respond to it. The whole team's confident in the guys that are behind those players. We have a game to play. I don't think the Giants will come in here and feel sorry for us. They had the extra time to prepare and that's interesting --- 2 out of 4 games now --- there's a sidebar.

On Goodwin's return... He's getting better so hopefully it won't be long.

On battling with Coughlin in NY... We can't stand each other. No, he's a great guy. He's a fantastic football coach but he's a really good guy to be around. Yeah, we're different but he has a neat personality. I have the utmost respect for him. I know this is one of the true legends on the field and he'll be in Canton.

On Cruz returning... That's his go-to guy. Has been for years. ... It's going to be a big challenge for us. I wish Cruz would wait one more week.

On if team is really this good... We expected to win. We know we have a good roster, a good team, a good coaching staff. We just try to get a little better. I know the work ethic's there with our group. But this week, it's all about preparation in playing the New York Giants --- that's where 100 percent of our focus is. We gave up two touchdowns last week we didn't need to give up in coverage. Did we miss some blocks, some reads, we did. We have to get better. We'll be challenged by this team. They run a million coverages.

On Darby being targeted... And he'll be targeted a bunch and he looks forward to that. What I love about Beckham, just like Landry, they'll fight for that football. Everybody knows about the hands, but I love the competitiveness he has. We'll see what happens if he's matched up on Gilmore or that.

On how much loss to Patriots lit a fire... I don't think it had any effect. ... From Day 1, I said this is how we're going to build our team, a team that's like-minded with our community. Tough. Determined. When we sat down with Russ and the Pegulas, we said this is the kind of team we're going to have. Win, lose or draw, we're going to be the same team.

On penalties being up around the NFL... It's something you've got to play within the confinements of the rule. We're trying extremely hard, we want to be the least penalized team in the league. The first 2 games were horrendous. ... No team spends more time looking at the rules than we do, I promise you.

On Incognito, Harvin being leaders... I do feel a great deal of pride in that we got that right. It's a little easier because I had Percy so I knew what I was getting. That was a slam-dunker. Richie, we thought that was right. You could see it in his heart, he just wants to play football. He's been an outstanding teammate and a really, really good player for us. So we're proud those guys are Buffalo Bills.





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