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Letter: Behavioral health patients ought to be treated in state

Behavioral health patients ought to be treated in state

All New York State residents should take note of a troubling development that is presently playing out in our local and state courts. The courts are mandating that clients with behavioral health problems involving rehabilitation services that have originated locally be sent to behavioral health providers not based in the Empire State, to be subsequently reimbursed by New York State Medicaid funds.

I do not see other states paying reimbursement fees to New York when similar circumstances are involved, so the key question is: Why should New York residents – and taxpayers – pay health care providers who are providing services out of state? By having all mandated New York court clients served in New York State by qualified medical professionals and treatment centers, we would save money and give patients the proper treatment they deserve with the added benefit of active family participation.

Sam Todaro, CEAP

Orchard Park