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What They Said: Transcripts of Incognito, Rambo, Wood & Karlos Williams after Tueday's practice

Transcript of media sessions following Tuesday's Buffalo Bills practice at One Bills Drive: Guard Richie Incognito, defensive back Bacarri Rambo, running back Karlos Williams and center Eric Wood. Provided by the Buffalo Bills.

G Richie Incognito

Q: Is there any relief getting that first game in Miami over with?

A: Yeah, I think it is a little bit of a relief. I think that was kind of it was a milestone for everybody, a milestone for myself, a milestone for the media, a milestone for kind of everybody that was involved. And now that we went down there and got a great win, now I think we kind of move past some of those things.

Q: What do you see from the Giants?

A: You know I haven’t seen much on the Giants yet. Today is our day were we come in, we get our game plans and we go after the Giants. I know they are typically a very talented, very deep team.

Q: How impressed are you with Karlos Williams?

A: Yeah, Karlos [Williams] has done a great job. I think he has a good feel for what we are trying to do right now. He is hitting some holes, and he is hitting them hard. I think one thing about Karlos is he is a big guy, but he has got a little wiggle to him, and he has got some speed.

DB Bacarri Rambo

Q: On injuring Ronald Darby last game.
A: We’re just playing football man. I’m just running to the ball, trying to make a play. I apologized to him afterwards that I’m sorry for being so physical, but I’m just trying to make a play.

Q: What do you see in the Giants?
A: They have (Victor) Cruz, they have (Reuben) Randle, and they have Odell (Beckham) so, they have some great skill guys that, we’ll have to really look at film, and come up with a great game plan to slow those guys down.

Q: Is this the deepest group you’ve seen before?
A: Probably the Colts. This group right here is very talented with Odell and Cruz and Randle, those guys can really change a game at any point.

Q: Since Cruz hasn’t played yet; will it be hard to know what role he will be in?
A: You have to watch film and even if it’s old tape, to see what he used to do, I feel like he still can do it. But, it’s going to be very difficult. Just have to go out there and compete with those guys and just watch film and understand what routes they like to run, what they like to do on different situations, so we’re going to really have to get into film.

Q: Walk us through the hit that led to Preston’s (Brown) interception.
A: It was a blitz of course. I was just studying film, getting tips from the coaches, they gave me a good time of when he liked to snap the ball during the play clock, and I got a quick glance at the play clock and saw it going down to like five or six seconds so I just took off running and it just opened up, and I knew that I was going to get a good hit on the quarterback. Preston made a great play by catching the ball and running, showing his athleticism.

RB Karlos Williams

Q: Mental mindset any different with a potentially a larger work load coming this week?
A: Not at all, just ready to get back to work. Talk about it a little after the game, kind of hearing the news over social media but we will find out today what is really going on. And we will go in from there. We are going to watch film, break down last week’s game and get started for this week.

Q: Big play on offense here the first couple of weeks what do you attribute it to on offense?
A: Offensive line. Offensive line has done a great job, calls, the way they work each and every day. I think it is because they are always together. The way they bond, the way they spend time with each other, that only gets stronger throughout the year and it is going to get better and better each and every week. So all of it pretty much goes to them guys. When holes are as big as they are, it is only right to make the plays. The holes are going to be there because they work so hard to make them. It is our job to make sure we get through them, and get the yards and they are putting up great blocks for us.

Q: Your touchdown run looked like Richie and Henderson got some pretty good blocks for you?
A: Great job. Those guys, me and Seantrel [Henderson] have gotten very, very close since I have been here. He loves the way I run the ball. I was in on the drive, he was like you staying in, yeah I am staying in we are going to pound the ball down the field. He said you know we are going to score this drive. [Jerome] Felton did the same thing. And those guys love the way I run the ball up front. They always clear the way, we run the ball very, very physical when I am in the game. And Richie [Incognito] pulled for me a couple times during the game, cleared the way for me. So you know those guys up front love to work, and I love the way they block for me. And it is just going to continue to get better each and every week.

Q: People describe you as a one cut runner, are you that?
A: Oh yeah. I love getting north and south. Stretching the field, I did a lot of that at Florida State. I ran a couple plays like that this weekend. When the ball can’t get outside, and you have a wide nine or guys are, defense is kind of stretching that. You want to get up field north and south, you want to get up field as quick as possible. You know not too many moves need to be made to get one or two, maybe three, four, or five yards after I cut.

OL Eric Wood

Q: What do you think has been the key for you guys in the red zone this year seeing as you’re number two in the league?
A: That is a big turnaround, I didn’t realize we were number two. Focusing on the week in practice and then going out and executing. And I know that sounds very simple, but we have guys making plays and that makes a big difference.

Q: Are you guys doing anything differently down there?
A: Not necessarily different. I mean, some different plays, totally different offense, but the windows get tighter, the safeties aren’t as loose, they don’t have to be, makes it a little tougher to run the ball, but the good teams can score down there, and we have to keep executing down there.

Q: Is this offense the perfect marriage of talent and scheme?
A: I would hope so. We have a lot of talent, that’s for sure, and I’ve really enjoyed the scheme. Obviously we’ll keep getting better, and keep developing within this offense. Even though we’re scoring some points, each week there’s a lot on film we just wish we could have back, stuff that in practice you do it and then the game is a little faster and you say, alright I won’t mess that up next time, and we’ve been doing a good job getting better week to week, and I really look forward to what we can do moving forward.

Q: Do you have to block differently for different running backs due to their different styles?
A: No. We know who’s at running back; you don’t think about it any differently. All of our runs hit the line of scrimmage with a certain timing, and all those backs do it. Some of them have a little different styles from where they go from there but, as far as we go at the point of attack, they’re generally hitting at the same speeds, spot, and tempo.

Q: How impressive has Karlos Williams been?
A: Oh he’s been excellent, and he’s done a good job. He had a setback with an illness I guess it was diagnosed as in training camp, and he’s done a great job of staying in shape, and then coming back and making the most out of his opportunities. I’m really excited for him.

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