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Super Handyman: A couple of chairs makes for a clever contraption

My next-door neighbor is pretty clever. I saw her outside working on some shutters and noticed her genius “sawhorse” made from a couple of chairs and a shelf. She had two open-back chairs set up with the backs facing each other, and the shelf was resting on both seats with several feet between the chairs. There was plenty of room for two shutters to sit there at once, and it was very sturdy. I wonder what other tips she might be hiding from me!


Q: We had a window broken out last month due to a heavy storm. Unfortunately, so did everyone else in my area. So we had to wait for a long time to get the glass replaced. In the meantime, we covered the hole with a board and tarp. We sealed around the edges with duct tape. I have removed the tape, but how do you get the sticky stuff off of the window frame? – R.S.

A: WD-40 will help dissolve this leftover adhesive. You also can buy adhesive removers at your hardware store.

Tips from readers

Why don’t small paint cans have handles? I don’t get it. What I did to fix this problem was putting the small can of paint into an empty large can with a handle. This way, I could carry and hold the paint by the handle. If you want, you can place a scrap of wood or something else inside to raise the small can for easier access. I’ve also found that you can fit the brush inside the big can when you need to set it down for a few minutes. – J.T.


You’ll love this. I had a clog in my vacuum hose that I just couldn’t seem to remove. I stretched it out and then worked a broom handle into it until it finally reached the clog. Then I pushed it out the other end. This was so easy to do. – D.M.


We used the “Caulk Walk” checklist from your website and have sealed up a lot of gaps around our house. To check for missed areas, we used a hair dryer. I had the dryer inside the house while my husband was outside. I turned the hair dryer on and pointed it at every seam around the windows and doors while my husband used his hands to try to feel the air coming out. We found a few spots that we missed, so we added more caulk to them. Now I think we are ready for another cold winter. – C.D.


I’m getting more and more involved in taking care of our house lately. I decided to try to organize the hardware that was starting to pile up in our junk drawer. I bought a five-pack of plastic ice trays, and sorted all of the nails, screws and other goodies into the individual cube slots. The trays stack, so I can keep everything sorted, stacked and ready to use, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space on a shelf in the utility room. I guess I’ll probably have to do this once a year, but it’ll be worth it. Just yesterday, my daughter needed a nail to hang up a jewelry rack in our closet, and I was able to get one out in just a second. – P.S.

A super hint

The best way to keep wood floors in good shape is to clean them often with a cloth-mop or vacuum to remove dust and dirt. Use rugs in high-traffic areas.


If you are looking at table saws for the fist time, take a look at the BladeRunner X2 from Rockwell. It’s portable and sets up in just seconds. It’s lightweight, easy to carry and has onboard storage for the miter gauge, fence and blades, which are included. It features instant tool-free blade changes, and is compatible with any T-shank jigsaw blades 4 inches or smaller. You will be able to do most DIY projects that a larger, heavier table saw does, and you’ll have fun doing it, too. To find out more and where you can pick one up, go to