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Letter: Will’s mean-spirited attack on pope was unwarranted

Will’s mean-spirited attack on pope was unwarranted

Regarding George Will’s unwelcoming comments on Pope Francis, while Jesus would surely turn the other cheek to accept more spittle-laden invective hurled his way, a less disciplined follower may be tempted to respond with a resounding slap, if not at least a sharp tongue-lashing.

That such a prodigious vocabulary could inhabit such a small-minded, mean spirit is truly a blessing in irony.

Will equates Francis’ stand against “compulsive consumption” as being congruent with irrationality. Sustainability is not against modernity, but a method by which modern man can leave the Earth habitable for future mankind (and womankind).

Will’s breezy reference that Francis decries air conditioning as a “harmful habit” reflects an ignorance in passive design, which can eliminate the need for air conditioning in many climate zones.

Furthermore, spontaneous creativity is not anathema to sustainability, but a precious resource to guide its thoughtful adoption.

I am grateful to the pope for his unconditional love, generosity of spirit and commitment to helping us to help others.

Marty J. Walters