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Letter: DOT’s lack of progress is a big disappointment

DOT’s lack of progress is a big disappointment

I have been following the discussions concerning the Scajaquada corridor and the fate of the former expressway. On Sept. 16, approximately 18 months after its last report, the Department of Transportation made another presentation concerning its plans. What a disappointment!

The hearing began with an assemblage of panels that simply reproduced what has been on its website for a long period of time. The only thing new was a traffic study. Naturally, taking traffic off the former expressway will increase traffic elsewhere, but it was difficult to understand how and why, and whether the assumption built in the fact that in similar instances in other cities where urban freeways have been removed, traffic simply reroutes itself. Besides, this should be more about urban planning than simply how to get vehicles from point A to point B.

The DOT has been “studying” this since the turn of the century. Better to be right than to rush, I suppose, but 18 months to come up with traffic studies. Really?

The community has expressed a strong interest in right-sizing and restoring Delaware Park. Had public interest been considered when the expressway was first proposed 60 years ago taking public parkland, it assuredly would not have been built. Times have changed. The public counts. The DOT needs to be more accountable to the public, and to get things done.

Alan J. Bozer