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"Best Time Ever" has worst promo; Noah's promising debut and more

This is what I’m thinking:

I’m guessing Lydia Dominick tapes those brief daily promos telling viewers what is on Channel 2 in prime time at least a few days ahead of time.

This morning, she said NBC’s “Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris” is going to air at 8 tonight before “The Voice” at 9 p.m.

That was NBC’s original plan. But the disappointing ratings for the first two hyperactive episodes of the variety program led NBC to decide to have a two-hour edition of “The Voice” air at 8 p.m. as the lead-in for “Best Time.”

The premiere of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” Monday night wasn’t the best night ever but you could certainly see what Jon Stewart saw in him to take over his fake news program.

Noah was much more comfortable in his premiere than Stephen Colbert was three weeks ago when he took over “Late Show” from David Letterman.

Noah has an appealing personality and illustrated as many mocking faces as Stewart has in the past. His interviewing skills will need some work, as evidenced by his fawning interview with first guest Kevin Hart. He also told a couple of crass jokes, including one about Pope Francis, which seemed to indicate he is taking Stewart’s advice to be uncomfortable at times. Overall, I’d give Noah’s premiere a solid B in the opener, which started with the same opening as Stewart’s program and pretty much stuck to his format.

If he had bombed, hardly anybody would have noticed in WNY. Despite heavy promotion, Noah's premiere didn't even register a rating in Western New York on the cable channel that Stewart's program aired. It finished with a zero here on Comedy Central. It reportedly was simultaneously carried on other cable channels so the Comedy Central rating doesn't mean no one here was watching it. Variety reported it was going to be carried on BET and MTV, which had a combined 0.9 rating here on Monday in the 11 p.m. time slot.

Fox is sending one of its stronger announcing teams Sunday to cover the Bills game with the New York Giants on Sunday. Kenny Albert will do play-by-play, Lewiston native Daryl Johnston will be the analyst and Laura Okmin will be the sideline reporter. You might like to think that the Bills’ 2-1 record had something to do with it, but the bigger factor is the game is going back to the New York City market.

Channel 2 has joined Channel 4 in warning satellite service viewers they could lose the station unless a new deal is made. Tegna, the owner of Channel 2, is in negotiations with DISH. Channel 4 is in negotiations with DirecTV. As I’ve reported before, all the local stations can be picked up on new sets with an antenna without the satellite services or cable.

WNYers in big numbers said goodbye to Sunday’s two-hour finale of “CSI.” It had a 14.0 rating on Channel 4, with the help of a big lead-in from a special 90-minute version of “60 Minutes” following the Bills win over Miami.

“60 Minutes,” which featured interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, had a 20.6 rating on Channel 4. Trump would take credit for that, but the enormous lead-in from the Bills game gave the news magazine a 35.0 rating in the first quarter hour.

The big numbers that Channel 4 received Sunday blunted the audience for the premieres of ABC’s “Blood and Oil’ (3.3) and “Quantico” (3.0) on Channel 7. “Quantico” did much better nationally.

Inquiring minds want to know: Why has the radio broadcast of “Sunday Night Football” disappeared on 103.3 FM around 10:30 p.m. for the first few weeks? Program Director John Hager said there have been technical issues that have been resolved.

After further review, I misquoted CBS analyst Solomon Wilcots Monday when I said he said the Miami Dolphins' poor tackling in the team’s 41-14 loss to the Bills Sunday had to be “disconcerting” to Miami Coach Joe Philbin. As a colleague pointed out and I later confirmed, Wilcots said it was “disconcerning,” which I’m told isn’t really a word. If you google it, “disconcerting” pops up.

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