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Letter: Parents play a key role in children’s education

Parents play a key role in children’s education

As a parent of two students in the Buffalo Public Schools, I know how important it is to be involved in the education of my children. The problem is that not enough parents are involved. One reason may be that parents don’t feel welcome. Another reason is that parents have obstacles that seem to prevent direct involvement. Parents need to feel appreciated, but they also need to appreciate education because it makes a difference in their child’s future.

I have seen firsthand how hard it is to get into my children’s classrooms. Most times parents are stopped at the door by the school staff, and told that they can’t go into their child’s classroom because the teacher is teaching, or it’s just not a good time for a parent to be in the classroom. Still, there are some teachers and staff who welcome and value parent involvement, and they know that to promote a positive school climate is important.

Then there are some parents who don’t invest in their child’s education. Sometimes, parents simply don’t care, but often there are obstacles that stand in the way. I’ve spoken with several parents who have told me that their job is an issue. Still, parents need to be involved in any way they can. It’s necessary, and it’s proven to help.

We all need to work to help parents and teachers understand that they should have a partnership as we share a common goal. Doing this will help children succeed in and out of school. There should be an open-door policy in place so that parents know they’re welcome in their child’s classroom, and both parents and staff need to have training so that we grow to work together.

Lacresha Jones