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Letter: It’s easy to understand why many back Trump

It’s easy to understand why many back Trump

How does one explain a non-politician’s effect on the people of America? Let me offer my take on this unexpected phenomenon. I and many voters have finally hit the wall. The gross ineffectiveness of Congress, the Senate and government in general has sickened the masses. The opposition party stalemates any changes and little gets passed. President Obama has gone the route of circumventing the normal series of political structure and made his own agenda without the consent or input of the people he is serving. The path he followed to gain his, (not the people’s) pact with our enemy defies any sort of government, “for the people, by the people.” The corruption, lies and general immorality of many of those elected is rampant and out of control.

Along comes Donald Trump with all of his indignation, comments that at times are off the wall or elusive, and of course his attacks on the very things that we as a people are finished accepting as status quo. Yes, he is an extremely offbeat candidate, however, he gives us a way to demonstrate our dissatisfaction with all that is and has been wrong for way too long. Who else could do this? He has the money and exposure. Does he represent my thoughts? Certainly in part, but not in total.

However, he gives us a chance to wake up some of these so-called intelligent politicians. Most are there accomplishing little, serve only their party, get rich and join the bureaucracy for a lifetime, in cases where there are no term limits. As much as it is not in my nature to vote someone in just for spite, I may do so. Tell me I’m misguided or out of touch, but most rebellions were started and led by the people who felt they had no other recourse.

Peter Hewett