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Letter: GOP candidates spout some frightening ideas

GOP candidates spout some frightening ideas

After the first two Republican debates, it’s clear that “Day One” for a Republican president would involve a lot more than oath-taking, speech-making and attendance at inaugural balls. The new commander in chief would spend the day defunding Planned Parenthood, repealing Obamacare, slashing taxes for the wealthy, ratcheting up military spending and helping county clerks defy court orders.

The new president would also be working the phones, making it clear to world leaders that he (or perhaps she) was the “new sheriff” in town. He’d scrap the nuclear deal with Iran, cancel trade pacts with China, unleash shock and awe against ISIS and demand that Vladimir Putin behave himself. He’d begin rounding up 11 million undocumented immigrants, start looking for enough buses to cart them across the Mexican border and commence construction of a wall to keep them on the other side.

All this on the much talked-about “Day One.”

The strands of Republican DNA include some really scary beliefs – a notion that the United States is divinely ordained to rule the world, a belief that wealth is a sign of virtue, and poverty a consequence of sloth, a conviction that business is “efficient” and government “inept,” a certainty that bellicose shouting trumps rational debate, a distrust of experts who claim to “know things” and, above all, a deep reverence for the prince of peace, who apparently believed that every citizen must be armed to the teeth.

“Day One” of a Republican presidency is not some utopian vision; it’s a nightmare.

George Morse