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Letter: Fleeing migrants could be modern-day Trojan horse

Fleeing migrants could be modern-day Trojan horse

As surely as 30 or 40 Greek soldiers hid in a wooden horse to be given as a gift to the citizens of Troy and then, in the cover of darkness, opened the gates for the army to attack and conquer Troy, refugees are now the new Trojan horse.

Open your hearts, home and country to these poor refugees and I believe you will see many of these supposed refugees, under the cover of darkness, open the gates of our country to be conquered. You will see our harbors, airports and train stations opened to attack, but most of all you will surely see our religions and our Constitution being attacked.

Could this invasion have been planned well in advance? Is this a terroristic strategy conceived in cooperation with anyone in this country? Do you wonder who will let them in? Do you wonder why? Are we charitable or naive?

Carl J. Hoepfinger