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Vic Carucci’s NFL Power Rankings for Sept. 27

(Last week in parentheses)

1. New England. Tom Brady to the Bills: “Can’t touch this!” (1)

2. Green Bay. Ready for that Super Bowl I rematch vs. Chiefs. (2)

3. Denver. Which Peyton Manning shows up for this game? (4)

4. Dallas. No Romo, no Dez. No dice? (6)

5. Arizona. Bruce Arians cautions against 2-0 overconfidence. (9)

6. Seattle. Kam Chancellor returns to stop the bleeding. (3)

7. Buffalo. With or without Rex, gap with Patriots remains as wide as ever. (5)

8. Cincinnati. Bengals apparently have a big fan in John Harbaugh. (11)

9. Baltimore. Hard to believe this team is as bad as its 0-2 record indicates. (7)

10. Kansas City. Better ball security gives them at least a prayer at Lambeau. (8)

11. Atlanta. Should keep flying high vs. beat-up ’Boys. (13)

12. Pittsburgh. Steelers’ motto: “Let’s go for two!” (14)

13. Carolina. Nothing flashy, but 2-0 so far is nothing to sneeze at. (18)

14. N.Y. Jets. Might very well have best defense in AFC East. (21)

15. Minnesota. OC Norv Turner gets first crack at Chargers since they fired him. (25)

16. Jacksonville. With today’s visit to Foxborough, not much time to savor that Miami win. (26)

17. Miami. Ndamukong Suh, where are you? (12)

18. San Diego. Philip Rivers desperately needs some help from receivers. (10)

19. St. Louis. Ben Roethlisberger is ready to kill any hope for a Ram rebound. (15)

20. N.Y. Giants. Turns out all they needed was a game against the Redskins. (20)

21. Indianapolis. Can’t hang onto the ball, can’t play defense. Otherwise, all good. (16)

22. Oakland. When Derek Carr is healthy, the Raiders’ offense is dangerous. (30)

23. San Francisco. Back to Earth in a hurry. (23)

24. Tennessee. Back to Earth in a hurry. (22)

25. Cleveland. Nice job, Johnny Manziel! Now take a seat. (32)

26. Houston. Well, at least the Texans have that guy named Watt. (24)

27. Tampa Bay. OK, Jameis, the “fun matchup” you looked forward to with J.J. is here. (31)

28. Detroit. Not a great time for hurting offense to face strong Broncos’ D. (27)

29. New Orleans. Even with a fully healthy Drew Brees, these guys have big problems. (19)

30. Washington. It’s just one blunder after another. (28)

31. Philadelphia. This season is getting away from you fast, Chip. (17)

32. Chicago. John Fox likely in for another Seahawk nightmare. (29)