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Letter: ‘For Heaven’s Sake’ was a crowd-pleaser

‘For Heaven’s Sake’ was a crowd-pleaser

To celebrate Curtain Up! my family and I joined a large group at a downtown restaurant and then saw Laura Pedersen’s play “For Heaven’s Sake” at 710 Main Theatre. It was wonderful, and rewarded by great applause and a standing ovation. Everyone left smiling.

The next morning’s News brought Colin Dabkowski’s review and it saddened me. His review was negative and harsh, to a degree that was quite uncalled for. Criticisms of poorly developed characters and a plot that was “formulaic” could have been leveled at Tom Dudzik’s play, yet that got a four-star review.

Unfortunately, what Dabkowski did with his two-star review was to unsell surely 300 tickets that otherwise would have sold. Even if he stands by his negativity, there are ways to couch it in kindness, and I urge him to do that in the future. He gave a backhanded compliment to the set, right, but he could also have mentioned that the show was a crowd-pleaser of epic proportions. That really needed to be stated.

Dabkowski will not regret being kind. Another star wouldn’t have damaged his reputation, and would have done wonders for a hardworking playwright and a talented cast. I enjoy his reviews. His intelligence shines through them, and they’re carefully researched. I’ll just reiterate: He will not regret being kind.

Bonnie Botsford