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UK-based Wise Guys produce tilt-shift video of Niagara Falls

As our region's biggest tourist destination, Niagara Falls attracts talented visitors from all over the world.

One such visitor was Sam Gott, a 23-year-old design and video for business entrepreneur from Milton Keynes, a town in Buckinghamshire, England, about 25 minutes from London. Gott was on a trip to Canada with his girlfriend, Rose, when his artistic instincts took over, and he used his Canon DSLR to capture video of the bustling activity on the Canadian side of the Falls.

Through the post-production skills of Gott and his business partner, Charlie Ray, the Wise Guys duo dabbled with tilt-shift, an editing function that manipulates a video or image's scale. (There are tilt-shift lenses, too, but post-production software is a more affordable workaround).

Here's their final product, titled "Niagara Smalls":

"Believe it or not, this is one of our first proper tilt-shift films, and we're thrilled at how it turned out," wrote Ray in an email. "We wish there was more of a story behind it, but the case is, put simply, Sam took advantage of...beautiful scenery to create something a little different.

"The [tilt-shift] process was a lot easier than I think we thought it might be," Ray continued, "but it goes to show that with some decent film equipment and good knowledge of software, you don't have to spend hundreds of pounds (dollars, for you chaps) on a tilt-shift lens."

Like the approach of many startup digital businesses on our side of the pond, video created for businesses has moved from "boring and dull" into a creative competition between specialized agencies. While "Niagara Smalls" wasn't created for a client, the presentation of activity surrounding behemoth Niagara Falls as toy boats and ants in a bubbly bathtub garnered 77,000 YouTube views in under a month.

"...the response to work like this makes us truly believe there is a market for it and that corporate film doesn't have to be boring, just as creative film doesn't have to be unprofitable," Ray reflected.

In a world where entrepreneurial spirit and boundary-pushing ideas are trumpeted, it's cool that a little experimenting can allow us to look at something familiar in a new light.

(h/t Dan Kirchberger)

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