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The News staff's NFL selections: Week Three

The News has added a guest selector to this season’s expanded format. The guest for Week Three is Buffalo native Nick Bakay, a longtime Hollywood writer, actor and producer, currently serving as a writer/producer of the sitcom “Mom.”

Bills (+3) at Dolphins
Carucci: Bills
Dunne: Bills
Skurski: Bills
Sullivan: Bills
Graham: Bills
Gleason: Bills
Northrop: Dolphins
Gaughan: Bills
DiCesare: Bills
Guest (Nick Bakay): Bills

Falcons (+1 1/2) at Cowboys
Carucci: Falcons*
Dunne: Falcons
Skurski: Cowboys
Sullivan: Cowboys
Graham: Falcons
Gleason: Falcons
Northrop: Cowboys
Gaughan: Falcons
DiCesare: Falcons
Bakay: Cowboys

Andrew Luck was hassled by the Bills defense all game. (Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News)

Is this the week Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts finally break through for a win? Seven out of 10 selectors like their chances. (Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News).

Colts at Titans (+3)
Carucci: Colts
Dunne: Colts
Skurski: Colts
Sullivan: Colts
Graham: Titans
Gleason: Colts*
Northrop: Colts
Gaughan: Titans
DiCesare: Titans
Bakay: Colts

Raiders (+3) at Browns
Carucci: Browns
Dunne: Raiders
Skurski: Raiders
Sullivan: Raiders
Graham: Raiders
Gleason: Browns
Northrop: Raiders
Gaughan: Raiders
DiCesare: Raiders
Bakay: Browns

Bengals (+ 2 ½) at Ravens
Carucci: Ravens
Dunne: Bengals
Skurski: Bengals
Sullivan: Ravens
Graham: Ravens
Gleason: Bengals
Northrop: Bengals
Gaughan: Bengals
DiCesare: Ravens
Bakay: Ravens

Jaguars (+13 ½) at Patriots
Carucci: Jaguars
Dunne: Patriots*
Skurski: Patriots
Sullivan: Patriots
Graham: Patriots
Gleason: Patriots
Northrop: Jaguars
Gaughan: Jaguars
DiCesare: Patriots
Bakay: Jaguars

Saints (+ 3 ½) at Panthers
Carucci: Panthers
Dunne: Panthers
Skurski: Panthers
Sullivan: Saints
Graham: Panthers*
Gleason: Panthers
Northrop: Panthers
Gaughan: Panthers
DiCesare: Panthers
Bakay: Saints

Eagles (+2 ½) at Jets
Carucci: Jets
Dunne: Eagles
Skurski: Jets
Sullivan: Eagles
Graham: Jets
Gleason: Jets
Northrop: Jets
Gaughan: Eagles
DiCesare: Jets
Bakay: Eagles

Buccaneers (+6 1/2) at Texans
Carucci: Bucs
Dunne: Bucs
Skurski: Bucs
Sullivan: Texans*
Graham: Texans
Gleason: Bucs
Northrop: Texans
Gaughan: Texans
DiCesare: Texans
Bakay: Texans

Chargers (+ 2 ½) at Vikings
Carucci: Chargers
Dunne: Chargers
Skurski: Chargers
Sullivan: Chargers
Graham: Chargers
Gleason: Chargers
Northrop: Vikings
Gaughan: Chargers
DiCesare: Chargers
Bakay: Vikings

Steelers at Rams (+1 1/2)
Carucci: Steelers
Dunne: Steelers
Skurski: Steelers
Sullivan: Rams
Graham: Steelers
Gleason: Steelers
Northrop: Steelers*
Gaughan: Rams
DiCesare: Steelers
Bakay: Rams

49ers (+6 1/2) at Cardinals
Carucci: 49ers
Dunne: Cardinals
Skurski: Cardinals*
Sullivan: 49ers
Graham: Cardinals
Gleason: 49ers
Northrop: Cardinals
Gaughan: Cardinals*
DiCesare: 49ers
Bakay: Cardinals*

Bears (+14) at Seahawks
Carucci: Seahawks
Dunne: Seahawks
Skurski: Seahawks
Sullivan: Seahawks
Graham: Bears
Gleason: Bears
Northrop: Bears
Gaughan: Bears
DiCesare: Seahawks*
Bakay: Bears

Broncos at Lions (+3)
Carucci: Broncos
Dunne: Lions
Skurski: Lions
Sullivan: Lions
Graham: Lions
Gleason: Lions
Northrop: Lions
Gaughan: Broncos
DiCesare: Broncos
Bakay: Lions

Chiefs (+7) at Packers
Carucci: Chiefs
Dunne: Packers
Skurski: Packers
Sullivan: Chiefs
Graham: Chiefs
Gleason: Packers
Northrop: Packers
Gaughan: Chiefs
DiCesare: Chiefs
Bakay: Chiefs


Carucci: 3-12 / 11-19 / 1-1
Dunne: 6-9 / 9-21 / 0-2
Skurski: 6-9 / 15-15 / 2-0
Sullivan: 8-7 / 13-17 / 2-0
Graham: 7-8 / 16-14 / 1-1
Gleason: 6-9 / 15-15 / 1-1
Northrop: 7-8 / 18-12 / 2-0
Gaughan: 6-9 / 14-16 / 1-1
DiCesare: 4-11 / 14-16 / 0-2
Guest (Janine Talley): 6-9 /NA/ 0-1

Guests are a cumulative 15-15 and 1-1 on Best Bets

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