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Gannon: Bills' Taylor must prove he can 'function in the pocket'

Former NFL quarterback Rich Gannon, who was the analyst for CBS’ television coverage of the Bills-Patriots game, said Tyrod Taylor wasn’t ready for a game in which he had to throw 30 times as was the case last Sunday.

Taylor wound up with three interceptions and was sacked eight times for minus-53 yards in Buffalo's 40-32 loss.

“I just think that they’re not built that way just yet,” Gannon said. “They’re trying to be a power, physical running team with a controlled passing game. They’re going to throw it up the field once in a while, but it’s a lot of short and intermediate stuff, get the ball out quick and utilizing backs and tight ends and those type of things, which is what he does well."

Taylor clearly demonstrated that in the 19 pass attempts he made in the Bills' season-opening victory against Indianapolis.

“But the thing they’ve got to find out about him is is can he function in the pocket?" Gannon said. "Can he bring his team from behind when he’s got to throw it more than 25 times?” (How does he do) when he gets in those type of games where you’re not able to rely on the defense or there isn’t good field position or you’re not able to rely on the running game.

“There’s no question, in situations where he has to improvise and move and with his escapability, he’s terrific. He’s got great spacial awareness and he’s very natural doing those things. What I need to see is how good can he be in the pocket, in the well, just sitting in there, trusting what he sees, trusting his protection and making good, accurate throws down the field. That’s what they have to find out about him.”

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