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Buffalo in the '50s: Superman's strange little cars on sale on the East Side

For a good part of the 1952-1958 run of “The Adventures of Superman” on ABC-TV, when you saw Clark Kent, Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen behind the wheel of a car, the car they were driving was a Nash.

Originally known for stylish sports cars, by 1955, after Nash became a division of American Motors Corporation, the Nash line was promoting itself as the perfect, sensible second car now that more and more women had to drive all around suburbia to tackle their domestic chores.

Sixty years ago this week, as one News ad touted that the distinctive-looking cars were starting at just $1,640, Buffalo’s newest Nash dealer was opening on Walden Avenue just west of Bailey Avenue on Buffalo’s East Side.

21 sep 1955 nash

21 sep 1955 buffalos newsest nash dealer Walden ave


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