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What They Said: Transcripts of Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan and coordinators Roman and Thurman after Thursday's practice

Transcripts of Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan, offensive coordinator Greg Roman and defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman following Thursday's practice. Provided by the Buffalo Bills.

Head coach Rex Ryan

Injury Report:

Guys that did not practice today: Aaron Williams did not with the neck. These players were limited: (Jerry) Hughes, wrist. (Marquise) Goodwin, rib. (Tony) Stewart, knee. (Marcus) Easily, back. These players were full: (Tyrod) Taylor, chest. (Dan) Carpenter, abdominal. (Colton) Schmidt, hip. (Percy) Harvin, hip. (LeSean) McCoy, hamstring. Alright, there you have it.

Q: What happened with Marcus Easley? He wasn’t listed yesterday.

A: No he just did something I guess in practice yesterday and then…you know but he was fine. He’ll be okay.

Q: Any concern with Jerry Hughes?

A: No he’s gonna be fine. I think all these guys will be fine.

Q: LeSean McCoy included?

A: McCoy, (Percy) Harvin, (Colton) Schmidt, (Dan) Carpenter, (Tyrod) Taylor. Feel good about all those guys. (Marquise) Goodwin’s the only one obviously who’s limited today, but we’ll see. He’s making good progress so he might be able to go. We’re gonna find out.

Q: Do you have any idea how much time Aaron Williams might miss?

A: No I don’t think…Our trainers seem to be very optimistic about him being up for next week but we’ll see.

Q: What about this week for Aaron Williams?

A: This week doesn’t look very promising.

Q: How vital is it to have a tight end of Charles Clay’s skillset?

A: I think obviously it’s a huge help to you because if you can get a guy that’s one of those rare guys, that can block and offers you speed and things like that, and is a big target in the red zone and for your quarterback to see – that’s a huge plus. But those guys are hard to fine, there’s no question about it and we’re real fortunate to have him.

Q: Do you see the importance of where the game is going and having a tight end like that. With players like Rob Gronkowski or Antonio Gates who I think started it?

A: Yeah I mean he’s one of the guys. Ozzie Newsome, you know you can go back in the years like that. But yeah they’re hard as heck to find. Sometimes you can get a tackle, you know that looks…hey he’s a…you know he can block and all that stuff, but then they can’t run. Then sometimes you get guys that can run but aren’t willing blockers. So it’s hard to find the combination guys.

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman

Q: What kind of challenge does Ndamukong Suh present in the middle of that defense?

A: Yeah, good question. That’s a pretty good question. I mean I think Suh has always been one of the most explosive players in the league and his get off is tremendous. And he is such a physical force that he can wreck the whole game if you let him. He looks the same that he did in Detroit. Just a powder keg. So we got our hands full there and got a lot of work to do in our preparation.

Q: It seems like there were some times Tyrod Taylor was maybe hesitant going down the field. How do you help him with that?

A: I don’t think anybody had a perfect game really. I’m sure when you watch the film you can see that, I mean we’re working towards that. But in Tyrod’s case I thought he had a very productive game. I mean there’s definitely a few plays that we could pick at this, pick at that, and those are all great learning opportunities and that’s what this is all about – is making strides and making improvement. As far as moving the team and scoring points though, I thought he did a really good job and…but there’s always, always, always things, especially for a guy that’s just in his second start. Things that you got to point out that he can learn from and that can move on forward and put behind him. You know those are the guys that make it in this league big because everybody’s gonna screw things up. It’s do you learn from it, or don’t you? But overall I thought he played pretty darn well.

Q: Are you happy with your run versus pass against the Patriots?

A: I can’t even remember the ratio. I’ve moved onto Miami to be quite honest with you. It was all stuff...

Do you want to run the ball more?

I mean I think you wanna run the ball when you wanna run the ball and at a certain point in that game the score was what it was that we kind of had to quicken the pace a little bit. But it’s different week in and week out.

Q: On that note, when you’re down in a game how much do you have to go away from the game plan to give the team a chance to win?

A: I think you’re using more of it, but it all depends on what they’re doing too. If they’re only doing one or two things then you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You know if they’re giving you this and not giving you that, if it’s an either or situation, you gotta do what you think’s best in that situation. So I definitely think we did more in that second game, but it wasn’t like we were trying to reinvent football.

Q: How do you prepare a guy like Tyrod Taylor who will be starting his first game on the road?

A: Yeah, I think that’s a good question. I think the road is different. It’s totally different. A lot of nonverbal communication needs to take place, communication is stressed, the entire operation is under stress and it is a function of experience that gets you better at that. So I’m sure it’ll be a little bit new but I think he has the makeup. He’s got that flat line ability to deal with such things. I mean the thing that we gotta do as an entire unit, not just he is be great at communicating and passing along communication. That’s where a lot of times it falls short. Well it got from A to B, but not to C. So we’ve been really putting a lot of focus on that this week.

Defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman

Q: How much is your defensive secondary a concern with Aaron Williams injured?

A: Everybody says it, next man up. Next guy’s gotta go in, he’s gotta perform. The expectation is that there won’t be a drop off and they’re gonna kick it off at 4:30, 4:32 on Sunday and we need to have 11 out there. So we gotta be ready to play.

Q: Will Bacarri Rambo slide into that starting role?

A: Not exactly sure who’s gonna start. But we’ve been practicing Rambo in there, we’ve been practicing Duke Williams in there and we’ll see who gets the start.

Q: Why do you think offenses now are using more size receivers in the slot?

A: It’s no different than using another tight end. Some of these wide receivers are the same size as tight ends, height wise. Some of them are weighing in an excess of 230, 235 pounds. So just like using another tight end. They’re trying to manipulate the middle of the field. They figure the safety and linebackers can’t cover them. So I believe that’s one of the reasons why they’re doing it.

Q: It looks like those size receivers are really being used in the red zone. Is it done there where it gets trickier?

A: Oh jump ball, jump ball for sure. They’re smart. All they want to do is score points and that’s one way to use your height to your advantage – definitely down in the red zone. But it’s becoming the in vogue thing to do and so you’ll continue to see more and more of it.

Q: Ryan Tannehill does a really good job of extending plays. What does a defensive line or linebacker have to do to make sure he is wrapped up?

A: Gotta put your pads on. You know without getting a penalty. The thing that’s happening is you’re getting these mobile quarterbacks that can run, they use their legs and they’re good in the pocket. They’re also, you know the zone read and keeping the ball some. So it creates problems for you as a defensive coach, defensive players. But you have to go out and do your job. Again nobody is going to feel sorry for you. You gotta go out and handle your business and that’s what our goal is to do on Sunday.

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