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Letter: Help is needed to finish Seneca Street water main

Help is needed to finish Seneca Street water main

Our housing area of Southgate Estates is bordered on the north by Seneca Street and on the south by Cazenovia Creek. All summer, construction companies labored to install a new 12-inch water main to replace an old one, continually diverting traffic from one side to the other. Then came silence.

Wondering if they were nearing the end of the project, I called our West Seneca Highway Department to see if it was done, and when we would be required to flush a lot of dirty water out of our faucets. The office knew nothing about the project. I was advised to call the county highway office. It knew nothing of the project. I was told to call the state Department of Transportation, since Seneca Street is a state road. New York State knew nothing of the project.

So I got into my car and drove the length of the half-mile project, to talk to a worker and get the real story. I found only one worker in a yellow construction shirt, and he was happy to fill me in on the project’s history.

It seems all was going well until construction met Cazenovia Bridge; then all stopped. According to old Iroquois Gas Co. records, there is a 24-inch gas pipe that runs along the side banks of the creek, blocking the path of the new water pipe. Everyone knows it’s there, but no one has a drawing of where. Digging has ground to a stop because random excavating could be perilous. It seems we have a pipe to nowhere, that no one can use. Help!

Jim Woods

West Seneca