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It’s easy to make your locker look like a million bucks

It’s that time of year again!

The binders have been bought and the backpack has been stuffed to capacity. You’re ready for a fantastic year – until you remember that your locker is not up to par. Your budget is just about spent, but lucky for you, there are cheap do-it-yourself solutions to make your locker the “best in show.”

Please note that almost all supplies can be found at a dollar store.

Deck the walls

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to give your DIY creations the perfect backdrop with some colorful wallpaper. There are several options for this step.

• Duck Tape brand Deco Adhesive Laminate: These adhesive sheets have the strength of duct tape, but can easily be removed. In addition, they come in a number of fun, colorful patterns.

• Con-tact brand paper: This is similar to the adhesive sheets, and there are dozens of colors and styles to choose from. From wood and granite to stripes and polka dots, you’re sure to find a style you like.

• Scrapbook paper: This option will give you the most variety. While not self-adhesive, almost any scrapbook paper can be easily attached to your locker walls using magnets or clear tape. With this option you can easily mix, match, and truly show your style.

Note that it is easiest to measure your locker first and cut you materials beforehand for the easiest application.

Be ‘shelfish’

When it comes to keeping your locker organized, shelves are a must. While shelves are readily available at most office supply and super stores, they also can be hand-made.

To make your own shelves out of wood, measure the width of the door of your locker, (be sure to be exact or the shelves will not fit).

Out of wood, cut the shelves slightly smaller than the width of the door. Add wooden legs to make the shelf tall enough for what you need to fit under it (boots, books, binders …). You can stack as many or few shelves as you need.

Feel free to cover your shelves with wallpaper or paint them to give your locker a cohesive look.

Just a reminder

It’s easy to forget important dates and events during the busy school year, but with this DIY project you won’t have to.

Purchase a photo frame and remove the glass.

If you wish, paint the frame, or decorate it with stickers, ribbon or other fun finds.

Cover the glass with chalkboard or dry-erase tape.

Replace the glass in the frame and attach magnets to the back of the frame using hot glue.

Once your frame is dry, you’ll have an amazing place for reminders, schedules or just fun quotes and sayings.

Clever catch-all

Let’s not forget what lockers were created for … storage. Pens and pencils (or your cellphone), can be stored in this simple DIY project.

Get a reusable plastic cup (a cup that is not fully round work best).

Cover the cup with colorful tape or paper.

Use hot glue to attach a magnet to the cup, and then stick the cup to the inside of your locker. Now fill it with all those loose necessities!

Lights fantastic

Finally, you can easily add flare to your locker with photos hung on a lit “clothesline.”

First, purchase a set of battery-operated lights, such as poster board lights (simple unlit string may be used, too).

String the lights up and down the locker door using magnets to attach the string at each edge.

Use binder clips to hang photos on the light string. (Additional magnets may be needed if you hang a lot of photos.)

Then turn on the lights and watch your photos sparkle!

For a cohesive back-to-school look, use any leftover materials to decorate your other school supplies.

Now your locker’s ready for whatever you can throw in it.

Emma Retzlaff is a senior at Alden High School.