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Letter: Sanders’ foolish promises carry enormous price tag

Sanders’ foolish promises carry enormous price tag

The pied piper of the far left, Bernie Sanders, is tootling up and down in the town square, seducing the gullible with promises of expanded health care for all, repair of roads and bridges, expansion of Social Security and free tuition at public colleges paid for by the government.

The estimated price tag for his massive redistribution of other people’s money is $68 trillion, and dwarfs Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society combined. The revenue, Sanders allows, will come from higher taxes on “the rich,” who already pay a disproportionately higher rate than any other socioeconomic group, and the middle class.

Every few years another deluded individual comes along with promises of a free lunch for everyone. Occasionally, by virtue of wishful thinking on the part of the voters, they achieve elective office. As a result, decades later, we are still paying for the irreversible entitlements of these programs, and the national debt we have bequeathed to our children and grandchildren continues its out-of-control trajectory.

In order to fund the current interest on the national debt, the United States has sold its soul to the Chinese, who hold most of the paper. One day, folks will realize that anything they want must be paid for, by their own hard-earned money, and what appears to be handed to them for free from the government is paid for in one way or another by themselves and others.

Kevin J. Rung

Grand Island