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Bills staying cautious with LeSean McCoy

All signs point to LeSean McCoy getting healthier. He needed to pull out of practice with a hamstring injury during last Thursday's practice. This, of course, after missing the end of training camp with the same injury.

But in the Bills' 40-32 loss to New England Sunday, McCoy looked fresh in rushing for 89 yards on 15 attempts. He made the right reads, cut on a dime and was, mostly, his explosive old self.

So with the pads on Wednesday, McCoy was out. Buffalo will continue to rest McCoy on this practice day until the hamstring is back to 100 percent.

Could he have handled more than 15 carries? "Yeah, for sure," McCoy said.

"I just think the way the game played out and also knowing my situation — just trying to get me back in there slowly — Karlos has been playing really well," McCoy said. "So there’s no need to force everything on me when Karlos is playing well. And Boobie, when he gets in, he does well also."

The Bills will probably continue to work rookie Karlos Williams into the equation offensively, but they had to be relieved to see their $40 million investment excel. In Week 1, averaging 2.4 yards per carry, there was not much running room.

McCoy said he'll continue to go through various treatments and let the hamstring heal during the week.

Like receiver Percy Harvin (hip), the Bills see no need to risk aggravation during the week.

“The main thing is just knowing the game plan, things that Greg (Roman) has for us this week," McCoy said. "Knowing the schemes. Knowing the defense, my opponent. I don’t think it’ll be an every week type of thing — just until I’m 100%, until I feel great and normal and just go out there and make plays and play. Until that time comes, we’ll be sitting back a little bit.”

At the podium, McCoy knocked on wood. He hopes this hamstring injury doesn't linger.

"We’ll see how everything works out. I hope not," he said. "Just have to get back into the flow of things. Being there every down, blocking, catching, running, having my game wind up and actually feeling healthy. We’ll see. I hope it’s not a nagging injury.”

The Dolphins run defense shut down rookie T.J. Yeldon in a loss to Jacksonville last week. Yeldon mustered only 70 yards on 25 carries (2.8). Yet the week prior, Alfred Morris ran wild (121 yards) on this new Ndamukong Suh-led front.

On Sunday, a rested McCoy gets his chance.

“They’ve got some guys up front that really jump out to you," McCoy said. "Great pass rushers. That’s been their thing for the last couple years. And also, with Suh, I’m sure there’s a lot of talk about the scheme and everything. Good players are good players. Bad players are bad players. They don’t have too many bad players up front.”

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