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Letter: Grade inflation does not stop at the city line

Grade inflation does not stop at the city line

I would like to commend Rod Watson for the recent column he presented highlighting grade inflation as one of the many problems that our educational system faces. While I totally understand his focus on city schools, that issue of grade inflation does not stop at the city line. It should be obvious that what is being passed off as a superior educational experience in the suburbs is our educators’ way of dealing with overbearing and aggressive parents.

Back in the day when being an educator was a calling, before pay and benefits were the main objective for many, small class sizes and helicopter parents were unheard of. Most of us received an education that allowed us to function in the real world. Compare the old concept of a bell curve that recognized the vast majority of students were of average intelligence and obtained C’s and some B’s based on their abilities. Since today’s parents will not accept that premise, we see full-page ads of honor students who graduate with A’s, yet still need remedial help to pass basic math and English classes in college.

While even our top students cannot compete with the rest of the developed world, our parents fail to recognize the shortcomings of our current system. Instead of harassing the teachers and administrators and stressing over a mascot name, parents would be better served if they could accept the reality that not all children are honor roll material, yet they need to be challenged to reach their full potential. I can only hope that at some point the light will come on for parents. I, for one, will not bet the ranch on that.

Hank Olejniczak