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City Hallways (Sept. 22) Free Sponge Candy

Calendar Items
Planning Board meets this morning. Agenda includes public hearing on design  and site plan review for the storage facility planned for former Kenmore Ave. supermarket property.
Council has committee meetings, Civil Service and  Finance in morning; Community Development and Legislation in afternoon.
Mayor  Brown going to North Park Theater this a.m. to join Buffalo native Tilke Hill, a producer/actress, as she previews the upcoming screening for a TV pilot shot and produced in Buffalo.

Sign of the times. Not
Looks like the recent Council changes in City Hall haven't yet made it to the lobby directories. Demone Smith, despite what the directory says, isn't the Council's majority leader. In fact, he resigned from the council in late June.  Dave Rivera is the new majority leader. Ulysees Wingo is now Masten councilman. Also, Mike LoCurto left the Delaware Council seat a couple months ago. Joel Feroleto is now Delaware's councilman.


Money matters
The latest campaign finance spending reports from the September primary show  Councilman Dave Franczyk  raised another $1,200 in the final weeks of his Fillmore campaign against Joe Mascia and Sam Herbert, and spent another $5,400  from Aug. 28 through to the final spending of the Sept.10 primary.  Most of the money was spent on literature and mailings. The only other Fillmore candidate to so far file a final primary spending report, which was  due yesterday, was Herbert, who filed "in lieu of" reports. That means his overall primary election fundraising and spending did not reach $1,000. Mascia hasn't file his last two finance reports. In the Masten District,  I didn't see see final reports from Ulysees Wingo or Sharon Belton-Cottman filed with state Board of Elections.  And Lamone Gibson doesn't appear to have filed any reports during the primary season.

Sponge Candy Day
When I moved here some 30 years ago, I had only limited knowledge of Buffalo's culinary specialties. I was in Albany a few years before coming here, so I knew of  Buffalo wings from a restaurant just down the street from the state Capital. I hadn't heard of Beef on Week before moving to Buffalo, but tried it right away. It was a few years in before I learned about sponge candy. I think one of my kids introduced it to me.  I started doing some research on sponge candy yesterday after Mayor Brown proclaimed Sept. 21 Sponge Candy Day.  Seems Buffalo claims the candy as its own. But apparently some Massachusetts candy makers also claim it. As does Cadberry in England. Regardless, yesterday was likely the first time a day was proclaimed "Sponge Candy Day" anywhere in the world. Brown issued the proclamation in the new Fowler's Chocolate Shop that opened in HarborCenter. Wondering how Sponge Candy Day was celebrated?  Fowler's gave away pieces of Sponge Candy at all its stores yesterday.

Remember: Front entrance to City Hall remains closed while stonework is being cleaned.

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