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City Hallways (Sept. 21)The psych exam

Back story on this week's photo: The front steps of City Hall isn't a hallway shot, but  I figured this was a good way to let City Hallways readers know that the front entrance to City Hall is temporarily closed, starting today, while a contractor installs scaffolding to clean the stonework on the front of the building.  You can enter the building from the back and side entrances. The work being done -- similar to a recent cleaning to the back of the building -- is part of a  $417,214 public arts restoration project. The City Hall cleaning is removing carbon buildup and copper stains that have leached into the limestone, causing marks and streaming. The entire City Hall cleaning is expected to be completed by late October.

Calendar Items
The Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority (aka, the control board) meets this afternoon. BMHA Chairman Mike Seaman is expected to meet with the board.

Final primary election campaign finance reports are due. (see Money Matters item below)

Mayor Brown is declaring today Sponge Candy Day in a proclamation that also recognizes the 105-year history of Fowler's Chocolates making Buffalo's Sponge Candy.

The psych exam
Seems Council President Darius Pridgen has some questions about that psychological exam police applicants take.

Pridgen filed a resolution asking the police department to release a statistical breakdown of how many applicants passed the test and how many failed, broken down by race, gender and age as well as the person administering the test. (For what it's worth, when I ask for that kind of info, I usually request ZIP code of applicant also.)

Money matters
With the final primary campaign finance reports due at the end of today, I checked the state Election Board to see if Fillmore candidates Sam Herbert and Joe Mascia or Masten candidate Lamone Gibson ever filed their last reports, which were due a week or so before the Sept. 10 election. Mascia and Gibson don't appear to have filed that report. Herbert filed an "in lieu of report," which means he didn't meet the $1,000 spending or fundraising threshold for having to file with the state Election Board.

Meet Tiana
When Tiana Marks was recently named deputy city clerk, she was heaped with praise by lots of people, including former Masten Councilman Demone Smith, who returned to City Hall for Marks's appointment.

Smith said Marks was an intern in his council office, who  worked her way to legislative aide. She's very bright, he told his former colleagues.
"The girl got so many scholarships she had to pay taxes on it," Smith said.

Marks replaces former Deputy City Clerk Mary Baldwin, who retired from the deputy post July 4. Baldwin had joked she was "going out with a blast," recalled City Clerk Jerry Cwalinski, referring to her July 4 departure.

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