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Nickell Robey on Danny Amendola's catch: "I was like, 'Oh, shhhh'"

Game on the line, Tom Brady does what he does best. The New England Patriots quarterback delivered a 29-yard strike deep to Danny Amendola to set up a late field goal in the 40-32 win.

The one posterized on the play, cornerback Nickell Robey was actually in decent position on the play. Blanketing Amendola up the seam, he maintained inside leverage.

So Brady put the ball where only Amendola could get it and the wide receiver dove for the acrobatic catch.

"Great throw, great catch," Robey said afterward. "He makes his money, too. He makes his plays. He makes his money, too. I felt like in the overall battle, I won. But that play, he got me on that play.

"From the snap, I was looking at him the whole time. When he looked up for the ball, that's when I looked up for the ball. Once I looked up, the ball was on my outside. So I was like, 'Oh, shhhh.' And then, he just put the throw right on the outside and I was right inside so it was just a really good throw and catch."

In his locker, Robey re-enacted the play. He shook his head, still in disbelief.

Such a play is what makes Brady different than pretty much any quarterback Buffalo has faced. It was Amendola's only catch of the day, but Brady spotted the 1-on-1 match-up and made the right throw at the right time.

"That's what makes him," Robey said. "Right there."

Robey added that this is frustrating --- "very frustrating." But he was already replaying the film in his mind, eager for their next crack at the Patriots.

Somehow, everyone in this locker room must solve Brady.

"He's a magician," Robey said. "You've got to give him his credit when his credit's due. He's a magician. He's smart. He knows match-ups. He knows defenses. He's been around the game long enough to pick these things. So as a player, sometimes you just, you can't hide from him. You've got to be up in his face like 'I'm going to take you on,' and let's play ball."

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