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Letters for Sept. 20

Lax enforcement has fan all shook up

On Sunday while watching the Bills game on my flat screen, enjoying my e-cigarette, I noticed some guy dressed in a cheesy Elvis costume with fake sideburns. He was swinging around some large piece of wood somewhat shaped like a guitar. How can this get past the gate? I couldn’t bring in a seat cushion, e-cigarette or man purse, but this guy can have this thing?

Alan R. Bojarski

North Tonawanda

Saban qualifies as Bills’ all-time best

Congratulations to former Bills head coach Lou Saban for finally having his name placed up on the Bills Wall of Fame last Sunday! With all due respect to Marv Levy, who did a tremendous job with the team in the late ’80s and ’90s, there is no doubt in my mind that the best coach in Buffalo Bills history is none other than the man who led the team to successive AFL titles in 1964 and 1965.

If there was a Super Bowl back in that day, it is my sincere belief that the Bills would have brought home the AFL-NFL championship, something that Levy was unsuccessful in attaining in four successive years in the early ’90s. If the Bills would have won only one Vince Lombardi Trophy, I would consider Levy the pre-eminent coach in Bills history; however, he will go down in history as losing four Super Bowls in a row.

Coach Saban should have been placed up on the “Wall” many years ago, perhaps even one of the very first to be so selected. Kudos to the Pegula family for determining that this unbelievable and undeserved void in Bills history is finally rectified. Because of this wonderful act on their part, my selection for next year’s Wall of Fame is Terry and Kim Pegula!

Jim Antes


Grateful that Lou finally gets his due

Thank you Pegula family for finally getting the great Lou Saban on the Wall of Fame. It was a long time ago, but the two AFL championships in the ’60s and quality teams in the early ’70s really are a significant part of the Bills history. Always regretted the Wilson/Saban feud but can now put that aside and go forward. And once again, thank you Pegulas for spending the money to build us a competitive team.

Lou Speranza


Time to take a stand and say, ‘Sit down’

In spite of the new rule banning excessive standing at the Buffalo Bills games, nearly everyone stood at the opening-day game I attended. Seated directly behind me was a physically challenged elderly petite woman and her short 10-year-old grandson. Due to the crowd standing in front of me the entire game, I obstructed their view, even though I tried to stand to the side.

I can see standing if a big play is happening, but if not people should sit down, as they are obstructing the view of the persons behind them. Fans should be considerate of the people behind them. Purchasing a ticket to the game shouldn’t allow fans to be inconsiderate or obnoxious.

John Rein Sr.


Subsidies to Bills more than a bit taxing

I have to believe no matter how this season goes, the Bills biggest win will be the money grab from Erie County taxpayers. While paying $800,000 for use of the stadium, the Bills will receive about $11 million in subsidies from the county, not counting what the county had to chip in for stadium improvements. It was good to see them win the opener, but at what cost? Isn’t it about time the billion-dollar enterprise and multimillion-dollar players pay for this on their own? Just a thought.

Frank Gaik


Great Scott! Beware of Belichick

While everyone is worried about the Gronk (as well they should be), there’s an opportunity to be Belichicked. That is, wouldn’t it be like Belichick to throw the ball to Scott Chandler while we have two or three defenders on Gronk? I’m sure Scott has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and would love to show the Bills what they gave up. I can see Chandler with a couple of touchdowns on Sunday. So Rex ... don’t be Belichicked.

Manny LoPresto


What’s next for NFL, throwing chairs?

The NFL is getting to be more and more like a reality show. If it’s not Deflategate or domestic violence, it’s drug abuse issues. What happened to just good old-fashioned football?

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

Something missing from Wall of Fame coverage

Last Saturday through Monday, the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation sponsored its annual alumni weekend. This was a special get-together, as it honored the players from the only Buffalo teams ever to win major league championships, the 1964 and 1965 Buffalo Bills of the American Football League.

Reacting to pressure from fans and from News columnist Jerry Sullivan, the Bills management belatedly put together a short halftime ceremony on opening day, to acknowledge the players; and, miracle of miracles, they added iconic head coach Lou Saban to the team’s Wall of Fame.

Unfortunately, evidently no one from the Bills made CBS-TV aware of these actions, as there was not a single mention of them on its telecast of the game.

Out-of-town Bills fans have informed me that they were unaware of the honors.

After that oversight, I looked forward reading the paper expecting to see the names of my 1960s Bills heroes who were in attendance: Ron McDole, Bobby Smith, Butch Byrd, Ed Rutkowski, Booker Edgerson, Paul Maguire, Mike Stratton, Daryle Lamonica, Glenn Bass, Gene Sykes, Stew Barber, Al Bemiller, Billy Shaw, Willie Ross, George Flint, Harry Jacobs, Wray Carlton, longtime trainer Ed Abramoski, and the families of the late Tom Day, Jack Kemp, Ernie Warlick, Cookie Gilchrist and Lou Saban.

The News published a moving photo of the Saban family as they heard the news of Lou’s induction, but I was extremely disappointed at the short shrift that was given to the accomplishments of Buffalo’s only true champions.

Angelo F. Coniglio


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