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Letter: Turbines won’t destroy life along Lake Ontario

Turbines won’t destroy life along Lake Ontario

Wind turbines will “destroy life” here, claim the owners of a sixth-generation farm in Barker on the shores of Lake Ontario. My great-great-grandparents and a couple more of our generations scratched a living out of sheep, cows and potatoes at the other end of Lake Ontario, up on Tug Hill. We’d probably still be there if we knew turbines were coming. I was up there at the Maple Ridge wind farm in Lewis County a few months ago and I can still see contented cows in vast green pastures chewing their cuds in the shade of an occasional wind turbine.

The cows didn’t seem to mind nor do the thousands of snowmobilers who flock there every winter. Farmers, smart enough to lease their land for wind generation, seem content driving new pickups to the bank to deposit turbine-checks while they know they are doing their bit to fight climate change.

Grampa Nick Beahan would have given his left arm for one of those gracious power-generating machines on his place. I’ll bet one day we will admire quaint paintings of Barker and Tug Hill decorated by an occasional sleek turbine, the way we now cherish Vincent Van Gogh’s windmill paintings of the Dutch countryside.

Speaking of change, I have atheist friends who now admire Pope Francis. He has formidably called the world’s attention to the injustice of climate change brought about by burning of fossil fuels, primarily by wealthy nations. He has demanded change.

Europe is flooded now with war refugees. If climate refugees are added, Europe and the United States will experience a tsunami of them.

Hoorah for the farmers of Barker and Tug Hill who are willing to devote land to generating clean, renewable energy and protect us all from climate disaster.

Larry Beahan