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Letter: School Board has a duty to listen to constituents

School Board has a duty to listen to constituents

By all accounts, it appears that the Buffalo School Board is not in favor of hearing from its constituents, using the excuse that it’s difficult for the staff to move various materials to other locations, and that the conference room in City Hall is too small to accommodate large crowds. Board members are now contending that the “open mike” is too time consuming.

Sorry, guys. There is a law called “Open Meeting” that assures the public of having a presence. If the space in the School Board’s office is too small, why not use the Common Council chambers a few floors away?

The citizens of Buffalo who voted these people into office are not a nuisance that can be brushed off, not heard or shut out. Besides, many of the members leave the room while speakers are talking, leaving the impression that they are not interested. Maybe they need to stay and listen to someone else besides their own voices. There could be some merit to their message. Based on present and past performance, they need all the help they can get.

Scott D. Gorton