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Letter: Does sheriff even see the irony in his letter?

Does sheriff even see the irony in his letter?

I read with some amusement the letter in The News titled, “Government trampling on our fundamental rights” on Sept. 11 and signed by Timothy Howard, Erie County sheriff. My initial thought was this is some kind of joke, but then I said, no, because The News verifies the sender of each letter. So I guess we have to take the letter as some touch of irony on the part of Howard.

The same man who supports the use of Stingray devices to track cellphone use and the user’s locations is up in arms (no pun intended) over the government trampling our rights. Did he even think about this irony when he sent the letter? So it’s OK for the sheriff, in the guise of finding and tracking the “bad guys,” to use equipment that may inadvertently spy on an innocent citizen, but when the same government that he has vowed to work for to uphold the laws of the land promotes gun safety and control, he sees it as trampling on our rights.

As the Church Lady character on “Saturday Night Live” used to say, “Now isn’t that special!” This just makes my day. Thanks, sheriff. I needed a good chuckle.

Bill McCarthy

Orchard Park