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Letter: Democratic candidates unworthy of Oval Office

Democratic candidates unworthy of Oval Office

There are three major issues confronting the people of Erie County: Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Iran.

Americans do not appreciate the claim of a right of inheritance to the presidency, especially when Clinton has committed crimes on a level equal to Gen. David Petraeus. Whatever Clinton actually represents seems to be the product of focus groups and scientific polling. That is why Donald Trump is interesting in a very brash and direct way. We like our leaders to be leaders, not artificially created, and marketed like a new deodorant. Trump talks about Iran, and I share concerns.

Clinton should have learned from her husband’s 1994 treaty with North Korea, which tried to stop development of nuclear weapons. Today the threat of a North Korean nuclear bomb warhead exploding over a U.S. Navy fleet or American city, causing an electromagnetic pulse, is very real and frightening. The proposed Iran treaty is just as ridiculous and will allow Iran the same capability.

Biden is an easy one. He was an excellent U.S. senator, but his abilities have been used to support a failed presidency. Can he hide this baggage?

Harvey Brody