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Letter: Changes in Buffalo are incredible to see

Changes in Buffalo are incredible to see

The expression goes: Life is short, if nothing else it sure goes by quick.

I left Buffalo back in 1976 at age 20 and have not returned for a casual visit since, only for funerals and one bar mitzvah.

I wanted nothing more to get out of Buffalo in my youth. I went to college in California, had a career as a professional photographer and publisher in Alaska, along with odds jobs as a fisherman and cannery worker.

I moved in 1999 from Alaska to Hawaii for many reasons – one being life is short, and I wanted to experience as much as possible in life, which goes so quick, like a blink of the eye.

Like many getting older, I developed a few health issues and thought Hawaii would be the perfect place to retire and call it the winter of my life.

Fast forward to now, visiting the remaining family and friends I have not see in 30 to 40 years. I am calling this sojourn, “my last hurrah.”

Buffalo has changed, I have changed and now see why so many call Buffalo home. Life, it seems, has just come fill circle. It sure feels good coming home!

James “Kimo” Rosen

Kauai, Hawaii