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Williams Extras: 'I can only imagine that kind of pain'

Karlos Williams draws motivation from his lost friend, Kase Powell, who died at 4 years old with brain cancer.

In addition to the full story in the Buffalo News, here are a few more comments from the Buffalo Bills running back on losing Kase, what it did it him as a person and the Bills...

On Kase's struggle... “I can guarantee you it was a struggle. I can only imagine how, being a parent, going through something like that would be to see your child sick, to see your child go through treatments. I can only imagine that kind of pain. And me having my three little ones right now makes me feel that same thing. I always check on my kids and make sure my kids are OK every single second of the day. If it’s sick, I want to know exactly what’s wrong with them, whether it’s the common cold, I want to know what it is. It makes you well aware of what’s going on."

On when he met the twins, Kase and Knox Powell... “They were babies. They were tiny. I just sat down with them because I love kids. Obviously I have three of them now. … So I was talking to them, laughing, holding both of them. I actually have a picture of Kase and Knox sitting on my lap. I’d put him down, he’d come up to me, I just loved, I just made a connection with him. I’ve never had a connection like that until I had my own. He was just exciting and on the move, ready to go and very aware of his surroundings. To find out he was sick, you would never know. With his spirits where they were at, you’d never know he was fighting anything that serious.

“It was great to see a child like that push for so long. A child can only fight for so long. A child’s body is nothing like a grown-up’s body. But very happy he’s in a better place. Not a day goes by I don’t think of him.”

On finding his place in Buffalo's offense... “Each and every day. You’ve got Boobie. You’ve got LeSean. You’ve got Felton. There’s no slack given, no reps off. No missed assignments can be made. Everything has to be on point because you can’t get hurt. We feel you can’t get hurt because we need everybody. We’re going to push each other. We’re going to keep grinding every day and we’re going to prepare to play Sunday.”

On being the player who made Fred Jackson expendable... “You have to take advantage of it. Fred was a great mentor when he was here. He led me straight down the good line. Even when he wasn’t playing when he was out during camp, he made sure my head was on straight and I knew my alignment, assignment and techniques. Bryce was very close, was always a great motivator. He was a coach on the sideline. So was Fred. When Boobie was out, he was a coach on the sideline. That transitioned into playing better in camp, playing better in that first preseason game, transitioning into playing better against Indy on Sunday.”

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