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The News staff's NFL selections: Week Two

NFL Picks
Week Two

*- Best Bet

(The News has added a guest selector to its expanded format. The guest for Week Two is Janine Talley, occasional News guest columnist and wife of former Bills great Darryl Talley.)

Bills vs. Patriots (pick)
Carucci: Bills*
Dunne: Patriots
Skurski: Patriots
Sullivan: Patriots
Graham: Bills
Gleason: Bills
Northrop: Bills
Gaughan: Bills
DiCesare: Bills
Guest (Janine Talley): Bills

Texans (+3) at Panthers
Carucci: Texans
Dunne: Panthers
Skurski: Panthers*
Sullivan: Texans
Graham: Panthers
Gleason: Panthers
Northrop: Panthers
Gaughan: Texans
DiCesare: Texans
Talley: Texans*

49ers (+5 1/2) at Steelers
Carucci: Steelers
Dunne: Steelers
Skurski: Steelers
Sullivan: Steelers*
Graham: 49ers
Gleason: 49ers
Northrop: 49ers
Gaughan: Steelers
DiCesare: Steelers
Talley: 49ers

Buccaneers (+10) at Saints
Carucci: Saints
Dunne: Buccaneers
Skurski: Saints
Sullivan: Saints
Graham: Saints
Gleason: Saints
Northrop: Buccaneers
Gaughan: Saints
DiCesare: Saints
Talley: Saints

Lions (+3) at Vikings
Carucci: Lions
Dunne: Lions
Skurski: Lions
Sullivan: Vikings
Graham: Lions
Gleason: Vikings
Northrop: Vikings*
Gaughan: Vikings
DiCesare: Lions
Guest (Janine Talley): Lions

Cardinals at Bears (+1 ½)
Carucci: Bears
Dunne: Cardinals
Skurski: Bears
Sullivan: Bears
Graham: Cardinals*
Gleason: Bears
Northrop: Bears
Gaughan: Cardinals
DiCesare: Bears
Talley: Cardinals

Chargers (+3) at Bengals
Carucci: Chargers
Dunne: Chargers
Skurski: Chargers
Sullivan: Bengals
Graham: Bengals
Gleason: Chargers
Northrop: Bengals
Gaughan: Chargers
DiCesare: Bengals
Talley: Bengals

Titans at Browns (pick)
Carucci: Titans
Dunne: Titans
Skurski: Titans
Sullivan: Browns
Graham: Browns
Gleason: Titans
Northrop: Titans
Gaughan: Browns
DiCesare: Titans
Talley: Titans

Falcons (+2 ½) at Giants
Carucci: Giants
Dunne: Giants
Skurski: Falcons
Sullivan: Giants
Graham: Giants
Gleason: Falcons
Northrop: Giants
Gaughan: Falcons
DiCesare: Falcons
Talley: Falcons

Rams at Redskins (+ 3 ½)
Carucci: Rams
Dunne: Rams
Skurski: Rams
Sullivan: Redskins
Graham: Rams
Gleason: Redskins
Northrop: Rams
Gaughan: Rams
DiCesare Rams*
Talley: Rams

Dolphins at Jaguars (+6)
Carucci: Dolphins
Dunne: Dolphins
Skurski: Dolphins
Sullivan: Jaguars
Graham: Dolphins
Gleason: Dolphins*
Northrop: Dolphins
Gaughan: Dolphins
DiCesare: Dolphins
Talley: Dolphins

Ravens at Raiders (+6)
Carucci: Ravens
Dunne: Ravens
Skurski: Ravens
Sullivan: Raiders
Graham: Ravens
Gleason: Ravens
Northrop: Raiders
Gaughan: Ravens
DiCesare: Raiders
Talley: Raiders

Cowboys (+5) at Eagles
Carucci: Cowboys
Dunne: Eagles
Skurski: Cowboys
Sullivan: Eagles
Graham: Cowboys
Gleason: Cowboys
Northrop: Cowboys
Gaughan: Cowboys
DiCesare: Eagles
Talley: Cowboys

Seahawks (+4) at Packers
Carucci: Seahawks
Dunne: Packers
Skurski: Packers
Sullivan: Seahawks
Graham: Packers
Gleason: Packers
Northrop: Seahawks
Gaughan: Seahawks
DiCesare: Seahawks
Talley: Packers

Jets (+7) at Colts
Carucci: Jets
Dunne: Colts*
Skurski: Colts
Sullivan: Colts
Graham: Jets
Gleason: Jets
Northrop: Jets
Gaughan: Colts*
DiCesare: Colts
Talley: Colts
*Carucci 8-7-0
Dunne 3-12-0
*Skurski 9-6-0
*Sullivan 5-10-0
Graham 9-6-0
*Gleason 9-6-0
*Northrop 11-4-0
*Gaughan 8-7-0
DiCesare 10-5-0
*Guest (Adam Benigni) 9-6-0

*Won best bet

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