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Letter: Republican candidates are behaving terribly

Republican candidates are behaving terribly

I keep seeing reprehensible behavior in the Republican presidential race. Derogatory comments about women, immigrants, international affairs – the tasteless and cruel rhetoric just keeps coming. What is even more shocking is the support these remarks garner.

This nation is an amalgamation of many different and wonderful types of people who have all contributed to this nation and its growth. All I keep hearing from the Republican side is how our magnificent country is terrible and everything is awful. Well, with all due respect, I disagree.

This great country needs to learn from past mistakes, like those made by Dick Cheney. His lies are the direct cause of the chaos in the Middle East right now.

Also, the ads airing about the Iran deal are absolute lies, as if Iran will get billions from your personal bank account. Yes, Iran gets access to its money, which is not under our control. Even if the United States voted against this deal, Iran would still get its money because China has it. Since Russia, China, England, France and Germany already have agreed to the deal, and the United Nations and the Israel secret service and intelligence network agree with it, they are all wrong and stupid, according to these Republicans.

Look, if you are running for the most powerful position in the world and you want the world to respect you, you cannot come across as a nasty, cruel bigot with an itchy trigger finger. The Republican Congress has tried for seven years to block President Obama. He still got more done than could be imagined. If you think our country is going in the wrong direction, take another look around. You will see that the opportunity you feel you deserve is being blocked by fear – and all that fear is coming from the Republicans.

Teresa Lukasik