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Letter: Fossil fuel industry wants turbines to fail

Fossil fuel industry wants turbines to fail

The letter, “Turbines will destroy life along the lakeshore,” reaches new heights of disinformation in the war for survival of the fossil fuel industry. When the Somerset wind farm was proposed, the majority of local residents supported its arrival as a step in addressing climate change. In addition, the financial impact to the town would be positive in the form of “payment in lieu of taxes” and the payments to farmers whose agricultural use of the land would be uninterrupted.

Now, apparently, citizens’ views have changed dramatically. One wonders how much money was spent by fossil fuel forces to resurrect the old lies and fears. Bird death threats have been put to rest many times with turbines located away from bird flyways, and compared with the risk of burning coal and gas to all life on earth. Does anyone remember the human illness related to the revelations of the Clean Air Coalition?

Now I see that the battle against five wind turbines west of Port Colborne, Ontario, has been reignited after they’ve been peacefully generating clean energy for months. Back are the signs inviting residents to a meeting about the “noise” of the turbines. Maybe they will also address the sound of Lake Erie’s waves pounding the beach about a half mile away, which, by the way, doesn’t seem to elicit complaints from lakefront residents.

The determination of the oil and gas industry, and the power of money to buy fear, continues to outweigh common sense.

Janet M. Goodsell

Grand Island