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Bove claims victory after West Seneca vote count

Sheila M. Meegan lost the Democratic line for West Seneca supervisor in the November election, but she promises to continue her campaign for re-election on three minor party lines.

“People will have a chance to see the facts instead of their mistruths and their distortion of the truth,” she said of the campaign of her challenger, Christina Wleklinski Bove.

Bove led the incumbent by 42 votes before absentee ballots were counted Thursday.

After those ballots were counted, Bove claimed a 35-vote victory, 1,547 to 1,512.

Results are unofficial, and have not yet been certified by the Erie County Board of Elections.

There still are 24 affidavit votes to be counted, but that would not change the outcome of the race.

Despite Bove’s claim of victory, Meegan was undeterred.

“We’ll make up the difference in November,” she said.

Winning the Democratic primary in West Seneca, where Democrats have a 2-to-1 advantage in enrollment over Republicans, is tantamount to winning the supervisor’s race in November.

Succeeding on minor party lines, although rare, has been accomplished in Western New York.

And Meegan’s pedigree speaks to her determination: Her father is Christopher P. Walsh, a former Town Board member and powerful force in Democratic politics.

The Democratic primary was do-or-die for Bove, who has no other lines on the ballot.

“It was very humbling sitting there and watching as the count was going through, like waiting and listening to what people were going to tell me,” Bove said about the counting of the absentee ballots Thursday.

Meegan, whose name will appear on the Conservative, Working Families and Independence lines of the ballot, has pledged to continue and vigorously campaign for the office through November.

“We never responded to their distortion of the truth,” Meegan said. “Many of our Democratic friends were misled, and that’s unfortunate, but we have run a very positive campaign.”

Bove said taxes in the town are too high, spending is out of control, and there is huge mismanagement.

“I am the one who represents a change, a new direction,” she said. “The endorsement from the people is the sweetest, the purest endorsement.”

Meegan, who said she ran a positive campaign, vowed to “answer all of their lies in the upcoming weeks.”

Bove said she plans to resume her door-to-door campaigning.

“I will be buying a new pair of sneakers today,” she said.

Also in West Seneca, incumbent Councilman Eugene P. Hart Jr. was leading challenger David M. Monolopolus, 1,538 to 1,480, after the absentees were counted. But since he was ahead by 63 votes, he would win the race, even if all the affidavit votes went to Monolopolus. Hart had been up by 43 votes after the primary Thursday.

In the Democratic primary for the Town Board in Hamburg, challenger Thomas M. Best Jr. got 63 absentee votes, and incumbent Cheryl Potter Juda received 52. Best now leads Juda by 58 votes, 1,332 to 1,274.