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Bills' coaches aren't panicked about Watkins shutout vs. Colts

The Buffalo Bills’ coaches aren’t panicking over the fact wide receiver Sammy Watkins didn’t catch a pass against Indianapolis last Sunday and wasn’t targeted until late in the game.

“It really was the way the game evolved,” wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal said. “For a majority of the game,” cornerback “Vontae” Davis “was on him with a safety shaded to his side. Could we have thrown some” in Watkins’ direction? “Yes. But our game plan was, ‘Why? We’ve got Percy’ Harvin ‘with off coverage, so why force something when we don’t have to?’

“I’m his coach,” Lal said of Watkins. “I was very critical on the film” review. “He ran some very good routes and was open quite a bit. The lay person might say, ‘Oh, Vontae shut him down.’ Well, that’s not the case. Now their scheme was very good to not so much take him out of the game, but make it harder to throw over there. And when so much was open on the other side, we were like, ‘Why should we?’ Because our big thing with Rex and” offensive coordinator “Greg” Roman “is we want to play smart football, and smart football was just taking what they give us. But he ran some really good routes.

“And there were a few” throws to Watkins “that we had dialed up, and for whatever reason” they didn’t work. “Like the ‘go’ route, we were off by a foot. There was another play that we schemed up and we had the” desired defensive “look, and I think there was a penalty or something. It could have been very different. You self-scout yourself and say, ‘Hey, could we have done something to get him more involved?’ And had these plays hit – a couple of them were early – he would have been. So we’re not reading too much into it.”

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