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QUIZ: What kind of theatergoer are you?

As the Western New York theater community prepares to celebrate the launch of the 2015-16 season with Friday's 34th annual Curtain Up! event, local theatergoers face a dizzying list of choices.

With some two dozen professional and semi-professional theater companies vying for theatergoers' attention -- and their disposable income -- we've come up with a couple of ways to help theater newbies find sort through the myriad options.

You can take the quiz below to find out which company best fits your personality, or follow the (equally arbitrary) flow chart that is this week's Gusto center spread. When you land on the company that our shamelessly unscientific methods have determined best fits your style and predilections, visit its website to find out more.

UPDATE: Our original version of the chart and quiz below excluded two  Buffalo theater companies -- Road Less Traveled Productions and Raíces Theatre Company -- which have now been added to each. Apologies to them for the exclusion (and maybe also for the inclusion).

Now, the quiz:


And feel free to follow the online version of our theater flowchart, presented here as a high-resolution JPEG (click the image for a larger version) or as a downloadable PDF:



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