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Letter: Writer critical of SNAP lucky to have perfect life

Writer critical of SNAP lucky to have perfect life

This is in reference to the writer who defines those who get SNAP benefits as “people who mooch off the taxpayers.”

I was stunned and outraged at this definition. Not least because I myself am a SNAP recipient, and have been ever since I had to quit working 20 years ago because MS symptoms prevented me from doing my job. In a perfect world, I would still be working.

I’m so glad the writer is living in her own perfect world! Hopefully she will never have any kind of debilitating accident, causing loss of limb or spinal/head injury. Perhaps that perfect world will also preclude any illness that would mean job loss. Speaking of which, is the writer so sure that downsizing won’t happen to her? Oh, and let’s not forget old age, maybe even Alzheimer’s, causing sudden, unexpected unemployment.

Millions of people in our nation – the disabled, the elderly, those whose jobs have been eliminated, the chronically ill, returning veterans who have suffered appalling injuries, families of seriously ill children – receive SNAP benefits. Most of them would love to live in the writer’s perfect world.

Maybe the little kids in straitened circumstances wouldn’t understand the concept, but probably just about all the other SNAP recipients would be ecstatic if fortune suddenly descended upon them. I’m not talking here about those who abuse their benefits, just about the writer lumping all into the moocher category.

Perhaps if she volunteered for a church or social program to help feed the less fortunate, it would engender a much-needed change of perspective.

Candice Tortorice