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Letter: Column about lice was truly disgusting

Column about lice was truly disgusting

Wow. Samantha Christmann’s column, “Money-saving advice for battling lice,” truly grosses me out. I am older. I have never harbored head lice in my life. My daughter is 27. She has never had head lice. My grandchildren are 6 and 4. No head lice yet. Don’t anticipate any. Husband, friends, brother-in-law – all the same. No lice. Where did she grow up?

Washing one’s body and hair, along with washing sheets and pillow cases on a regular basis, can eliminate many of these issues. Bodies and hair – daily. Sheets and pillowcases – minimum of weekly.

Let me know where Christmann lives so that I can ensure my grandkids don’t come anywhere near her.

Julie Czosek

West Seneca